Choosing the Right Shade of Lipstick

Everyone has heard of Revlon- the American cosmetic brand. I have not been a frequent user of Revlon until recently when I went to a local cosmetic store. I was looking for a particular shade of orange-red.

At first, I was looking at all the affordable brands of lipsticks, but wasn’t able to find one that went well with my skin color. I have a slightly darker complexion and finding the right shade that compliments my skin perfectly can get a bit tricky.

That’s when my friend popped out of nowhere and suggested that I try Revlon’s Spicy Red color. Although, this product was a bit over my budget, I tried it on. Annie has been a good online bingo friend of mine and has always had the best taste in choosing lipsticks.

One look in the mirror and I fell in love with it! The only problem I face with the company is that they have not been completely honest about their animal-testing policies.

Animals really don’t have to be put through this torture and ultimately pay with their life just so that we can look good! That makes no sense! But at the time, I really had no idea that Revlon had such a reputation for itself until I searched up the company on Google.

Now that I have already bought it, and used it as well, I can only try to be more careful while choosing cosmetic products. Always keep an eye out for the brands that you are using and where your money is going!  I’m ordering some samples from Red Apple Lipstick right away, an all vegan company!

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