Choosing Sandals and Trainers For Summer

20160406220446234As I sit here in 98 degree (37c) weather in  Phoenix, I can’t stop thinking about the summer shoes I’ve yet to buy. After all my poking around the internet, I’ve come to a great conclusion and saved everyone some time in the process. I love the Reef Rover XT Sandal in Blush. There, we none of us have to shop anymore (I’m so funny).

Seriously though, what I like about these sandals is that based on reviews, they really are as comfortable as they claim to be. They’re also all man-made material, so no weird smelly leather by the end of the summer; you can wear them in water, sand, whatever! They’re also washable in the machine and they’re colorful. My favorite thing about them however, is that they don’t go between my toes. I seem to be the only person I know who gets sore toes from thong sandals, but these babies will solve that issue in a snap.

Reef Deckhand 3 TX Shoe - Women's Multi Palms, 9.0I also like to have a pair of slip-on or “easy access” trainers for walking around shops. I’m really drawn to the Reef Deckhand 3 in Multi Palms. Also colorful, and comfortable, with a great palm tree pattern. Perfect for the hot summer ahead where I’ll be in places from sand to pine needles and will need something stable and safe from rogue pine cones and cacti .. when I’m not wearing my sandals that is.

I’m getting both pairs with Free 2-Day Shipping on Orders Over $50 at Backcountry.

Reef also just came up with a new campaign and short film that fits my lifestyle! Oh wait, except for the surfing and visiting Bali, however, the gypsy sentiment is still there!

Reef, the global surf lifestyle leader, is proud to announce the release of “Balinese Reflections,” a short film from Just Passing Through Bali with Reef’s roster of female ambassadors.

Just Passing Through features Reef Ambassadors and avid surfers, Tia Blanco, Paige Maddison, and Brinkley Davies, make the journey from different parts of the globe to Bali, a land of rich culture, tropical reefs, and iconic surf breaks. Three different personalities and approaches to surfing, with one thing in common, just passing through; continually moving around, never staying long in one place, and living a life full of exploration and adventure. We do something similar, without the corporate sponsorship or waves haha, the video however is actually fun to watch and shows a part of bali that only surfers get to see.

I’m a fan of Tia Blanco, a vegan who loves to travel, paint and is a great influence for young aspiring vegan athletes! 

Reef takes a lot of pride in building a family of ambassadors from all over the globe. That’s why Tia Blanco, who is literally from all over the globe, is such a good fit. Tia was born in Puerto Rico. By her early teens, she’d already lived in Hawaii and several beaches in California. Today, this graceful goofyfooter is a Trestles local. She competes on the Surfing America Team with an ISA World Games Women’s Gold Medal under her belt.  Her competitive record includes 2015 NSSA Western Conference and Surfing America USA titles, a win at the Ron Jons Pro Junior.

Tia enjoys a well-rounded lifestyle that includes painting, yoga and a vegan diet. Fitness and womens magazines have used her as an example of a healthy lifestyle. She is currently focusing on making the WSL Womens Tour.


More About Tia Blanco: //

About Paige Maddison: //

About Brinkley Davies: //


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