The Most Common Gym Clothing Mistakes Men Should Avoid

If you want to work out at home in your gitch, by all means, do so, but when you get your sweat on in a public place, there are certain social rules of propriety to which you should adhere. These rules of sartorial decorum aren’t just a matter of fashion, either. In many cases, they’re also a matter of hygiene.

Before you bench, read up on these gym attire rules for guys.

1) Wear Clothes that Fit

Seems pretty obvious, right? I mean, why wouldn’t you wear clothing that actually fits you? For many men, it’s due to the misguided assumption that bigger clothes will make you look bigger. Nothing could be further from the truth. Bigger clothing will make you look frumpier — or like you’re a kid playing dress up in Daddy’s gym gear — but it will not make you appear more jacked.

These tights from The Upside prove that well-fitting workout gear always looks best.

What’s more, bigger clothing can inhibit your performance, restricting movement by making smooth, fluid reps more difficult thanks to extra material. Oh, and that extra material can also result in uncomfortable friction. By the same measure, you should also steer clear of shoe-horning yourself into gym clothes that are supposed to have a more relaxed fit. Not only can this look unflattering, but it will make even the most ripped guy look like a preening egomaniac. Again, not attractive.

So whether you’re in the market for compression tights or running shorts, a muscle shirt or tech tank, buy gym attire that fits your body.

2) Wear the Wick

Moisture wicking gym gear is also ideal for guys. Sure, cotton breathes beautifully, but it doesn’t absorb sweat as well as wicking wear, which is usually made from polyester and/or lycra blends. Cotton, on the other hand, can only absorb so much sweat before it starts pooling on equipment.

Another perk of moisture wicking gym gear? It will help you avoid that nasty and unattractive friction, which not only inhibits your performance, but is just damn uncomfortable.

3) Bring a Towel

Make a gym towel a permanent accessory. Sweat happens when you workout (or it should be happening if you are working out properly), and even the most advanced moisture wicking wear can’t always keep up with intense sweat sessions. This is when your towel comes in. Use it to wipe yourself off before you use a shared piece of equipment — and then use the gym cleaning supplies to clean the machine when you are done.

4) Go Fragrance Free

We get it: you don’t want to smell at the gym, but dousing yourself in fragrance isn’t going to win you any fans. In fact, considering millions of people suffer from mild to severe scent allergies, it may garner you a few enemies. (Especially since sweat can enhance the smack of many scents.) Stick to your deodorant or antiperspirant, and save the cologne bath for some other time — preferably when you are outside or in a well-ventilated area. DON’T even put cologne on after your shower in the gym locker room. Again, wait until you aren’t in a shared space to apply.


5) Bling Be Gone

Wearing your baubles to the gym isn’t just tacky, but it can be dangerous. Big rings, necklaces and bracelets can get caught on equipment or dig into your flesh, causing serious harm. What’s more, sweat will tarnish silver and gold. So, unless it’s your fitness tracker bracelet, limit or avoid wearing any jewellery while you work out.

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