New Year’s Contest: Winter Hats by Yak Apparel!

yak hat 1We spent last winter really stocking up on winter apparel when we lived in Colorado, Sweaters, coats, goggles, gloves, hats, ski gear and boots galore. Buying all that stuff all in one season can really get expensive so I had planned on using most of it in the years to come, however a love fashion doesn’t always permit you to just wear the same things every year.

I found the key to using some of the same seasonal clothes while not getting bored is definitely Accessorizing. Getting yourself a new hat, scarf or pair of gloves can really mix up your boring old coat and boot combo.

Shopping for accessories this year, I Really wanted to buy a product that was socially responsible. I discovered Yak Apparel, an accessory company who’s items are all handmade in Nepal by craftsmen paid a fair wage and as Yak has grown and demand, so has the Nepal community who crafts these awesome hats.

I decided to give it a real test of worthiness by wearing it back to Colorado for Christmas Vacation. We went snowmobiling, hiking and are going skiing tomorrow and my head and ears have no idea what temperature it is outside (about 8 degrees).

The hat is flawlessly knitted while the inside is lined with a warm fleece and as warm as a hat can get, after all  it’s made by people who know what cold weather is, so when it’s 12 degrees out here, in Nepal, that’s nothing by comparison.

We love the hat so much that we arranged a contest with Yak Apparel so that two of our readers can have an awesome winter hat as well! One man and one woman hat of winner’s choice will be shipped from Yak Apparel to a randomly selected winner!

These are seriously quality hats, don’t miss out!

Contest starts 12/28 and goes on through January 2nd!

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3. Leave a comment letting us know your winter plans!

yak hat 2

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