Converse Travel Bags: Don’t Settle for Luggage that Isn’t You

Cool travel bags – An essential but often overlooked item that should be found in everyone’s closet. Don’t tell me you’re still using that plain black wheeled bag you bought just hours before a trip? Well there is a cool luggage option that won’t cost you a ton and will still let you have your own style at airports, train stations and bust stops across the world, Converse bags.  Converse makes some pretty awesome travel bags now, and it’s not just coincidence that they’re functional and good looking, it’s decades of work in the making. Over the years Converse has pretty much divulged in every clothing and accessory, in a classic but contemporary way, but I especially love their new travel bags for having the same vintage feel as their world renowned Chuck Taylor hightops.

Polyethylene Classics

I’ve always been a big fan of vintage polyurethane bowling bags, airline bags, camera bags, and duffle bag but old polyurethane is NOT ideal. The second you really start using the bag is the very second they start to fall apart. Converse’s large polyurethane Weekender for just $49, and the economical Airline Player  ($50), won’t fall apart on you in the middle of running to your plane (like my vintage airline bag did).  At that price, it’s a steal for the size and quality of these bags. Both have more than enough room for all your necessities when you just want to take a carry-on. Converse Weekender

Airliner Player Bag
Airliner Player Bag

All of their travel-friendly bags are thoughtfully designed and have function and style in mind. That’s one thing I feel like the world of travel bags is lacking, either their stylish and more about looks than function, or they’re functional and ugly.

The spacious round Converse Duffle Bags (the “check and dump” type travel bags) are also a serious win to go along with the next options – lightweight carry-ons.

Bragable Carry-On Bags

If you like to check a bag and give your shoulders and arms a break, then a messenger bag, backpack , tote or sling bag might be more your style. When going through security there is no substitution for traveling light and leaving all your liquids in your checked baggage and your laptop at home. If you can go without a belt, keys or anything metal, you can just breeze through care free while everyone looks jealous. Unfortunately I can’t pull this off myself, I take too many cameras with me and always a laptop. I have more than once ended up running down the hallway to my gate with no shoes on, bag unzipped, pants, beltless, it’s a sight. Some of the converse bags are quite feminine while still being rugged and multipurpose. If you want to wander the streets of a foreign city or beach you’ll be ready the second you get off the plane.  One of the biggest keys to staying safe while you travel – if you want the freedom to “do as locals do” , you have to make an effort to look “local” (which takes some research), act comfortable and to not wear accessories that look really expensive.  More than once when I lived in Argentina I had girl friends get their purses stolen because of 1) not keeping a hold of them at all times and 2) taking an expensive looking purse with them and looking like a tourist.

I always end up buying some good looking bag, with some awesome and original design on the front, that hurts my shoulders so bad I would rather drag it through the airport than carry it by my second change over but I rarely take it with my on a walking photo tour of a place I don’t know very well. I also often over pack, I’ll admit. I never put any of my cameras, film, tablet or laptop under a plane.  Illogically so, but I’m secretly afraid they’ll get destroyed by radiation (even after security). I do however want to start being logical about bags and travel! I have learned some lessons in the past, and Converse is a new affordable way to make up for some of that. An international brand, that is not hard to find and is also stylish and functional, is a great choice for any domestic or international travel!

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