Copenhagen Fashion Week Athleisure Street Style Vibes

As Copenhagen Fashion Week is behind us, it’s about time we went through the fashion menu and saw what’s hot in the fashion industry. Of course, we mustn’t skip street style either, with one leading trend that stands out from the rest – athleisure. Here are four tips on how to incorporate it into your everyday looks, so check them out and enjoy!


The infamous fanny pack is all the rage

If you think that the fashion industry is done with the infamous fanny packs – boy, are you wrong! The truth is that these are all the rage these days, and this year’s Copenhagen Fashion Week is here to prove that claim. In fact, this piece is one of the most frequently seen accessories among both male and female fashionistas, which makes it a quite ground-breaking item people simply can’t wait to wear. If you’re one of them too, you can always match it with an oversized shirt dress and wear a fanny pack around your waist, so that you can come up with an hourglass silhouette in just one simple step. On the other hand, you can also wear it across the body, which will undoubtedly give your street style look a more casual, laid-back vibe. And yes, these will go perfectly with any sporty outfit too, which makes them quite versatile pieces you have to have in your wardrobe.


Don’t forget your sunnies, darling

As the fashion week took place at the very beginning of August, the absolute dominance of sunnies shouldn’t surprise us at all, right? Apart from the infamous side bag, sunglasses were another absolute must-have – both for practical and fashionable reasons. Needless to say, a trendy pair of sunglasses can inevitably transform even the most ordinary combo into a fabulously stylish one, so be sure to pick your pair wisely. Of course, we must state that small, angular, and cat-eye styles are Scandinavian fashionistas’ ultimate favourites, as we could spot these bad boys all over the place. However, if these aren’t really your cup of tea, you can pick another style like the simple yet effective round sunglasses that can also steal the show wherever you show up. Basically, it isn’t what you wear, but how you wear it, so bear this tip in mind and you won’t make a mistake ever again!


Athleisure, but with a little twist

Speaking of athleisure, we must say that it’s more than welcome when it comes to Copenhagen Fashion Week street style. Of course, this trend no longer incorporates your favourite yoga pants and the comfiest pair of sneakers only – it was gradually upgraded over the last few seasons, which is why we can now see it from a brand new perspective. This is why some people love to claim that the key to incorporating activewear is to keep it as casual as possible – but to add an unexpected element to spice it all up. Truth be told, that element is often used to show that you aren’t actually fresh from a workout, so be sure not to skip it at any cost. Adding a trendy scarf around your neck is a great way to pull off your perfect athleisure combo, so match it with your fave baggy trousers, a workout tee, and a pair of canvas sneakers. However, if a scarf is a bit too much for your personal taste, you can freely skip it. If that’s your combo of choice, just make sure to wear a pair of New Balance shoes and you’ll come up with an upgraded athleisure outfit everyone will absolutely adore!


Athleisure mixed with utilitarian details for the ultimate trendy combo

A lot of utilitarian details like belt bags and stylish spring coats were spotted during Copenhagen Fashion Week as well, and we can claim that a large number of fashionistas love a combination of romance and practicality these elements bring into their daily outfits. Needless to say, khaki raincoats were their number one choice, and these were usually mixed with garments of a bit softer hues, like pale blue or subtle lavender. It’s also important to mention that such pieces can be a legitimate part of any athleisure outfit, without a doubt, simply because they can be matched with both canvas sneakers and stylish walking boots. Trendy waterproofs are also a huge thing among the Scandinavian fashionistas, which makes them an important part of Copenhagen Fashion Week street style lookbook.


As you can see, athleisure street style vibes have completely taken over Copenhagen Fashion Week, which just confirms this trend’s dominance in the fashion industry. If that’s what you love to rock on a day-to-day basis, all you have to do is to stick to our guidelines and you’ll come up with your flawless combo in a blink of an eye!


by Claire Hastings @claireahastings

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