Cruelty Free Fashion Brands for Men

Whether you engage in environmental conservation as a hobby, or as a lifestyle, one needs to be aware of which materials make up their attire.

Fur coats, leather jackets and hair products which have been thoroughly tested on animals might comprise as high fashion in some circles, but for those with a heart for sustainable and cruelty-free fashion, there is no need to sacrifice on your good looks to become a better person.

There is, in fact, a range of different brands which take conservation and animal protection very seriously; and there are enough of them to keep you in high fashion whether dressing casually, going out on the town or maintaining a professional sense of style at work.

So, if you have been on the lookout for threads that are completely cruelty-free, these top sustainable brands might be just what you have been looking for.

What is cruelty-free fashion

As the name would suggest, cruelty-free fashion items are those that have been manufactured from animal and environment friendly materials. That is to say that they are products which either strive to move towards environmental conservation, or are manufactured without any materials drawn from animals, such as fur.

The idea of cruelty-free fashion often strikes images of the down-dressed hippy in earthy colors and rag-come tassels. This is, however, an unfair urban myth. A point which the following fashion brands are determined to make.

Tom Bihn

Tom Bihn

Tom Bihn produces quality fashion items, accessories and materials with the philosophy of being mindful towards the planet and people as part of their process. They specialize in laptop bags, backpacks, accessories and suitcases that will add to your sense of style without taking anything away from the environment.

Tom Bihn strives to make a positive impact on all areas of the environment; searching for sustainability when it comes to plants, animals, rivers, lakes, forests and even people. Take a hike, ride a bike, visit a place or any number of other hobbies while toting this stylish, sustainable brand.

People Tree

The UK based clothing company, People Tree is an internationally recognized producer of sustainable fashion. With more than enough items for men to allow for a high sense of style that is unique and eye-catching, without any materials sourced from animals.

Their ethically appropriate clothing lines are reminiscent of nature, and are good to it too. They even allow you to shop online, making it easier to get the cruelty-free clothing you are looking for.

The mission behind their goods is to help people make as small an environmental impact as they can, while trying to refine purchasing habits in the West, by helping their customers to become more mindful of sustainability with regards to their purchases.

United By Blue Clothing

United by Blue

United by Blue specializes in outdoor clothing and active-wear that is comfortable, sustainably developed and great for the environment.

But how do they do this?

Their innovative production techniques make use of trash from the world’s oceans, and they claim to remove one pound of trash from oceans with each item or accessory sold.

Though this doesn’t take away from their eye for style. Although the items may be made up from recycled rubbish, the end product is anything but that.

Levis Jeans


I have to be honest, this one surprised me a little. One does not expect a brand-name as big as Levi’s to pay any attention to the environment at all, but they really do.

They do this by consistently developing innovative techniques for recycling cotton, meaning they produce far less of a carbon footprint than other clothing manufacturers in their league.

They also make use of waterless technologies during their production, meaning they go all out for the environment when designing stylish jeans.


Outerknown, which was founded by a surf champion and is certified by Bluesign, produces goods that are completely free of toxins (which many other manufacturers make use of during the production process), they even ensure that their packaging is free from these toxins.

Their mission is to also pay attention to the livelihoods of the people involved in producing their goods (since cruelty doesn’t only extend to animals), and is partnered with the Fair Labor Association.

They produce active and casual wear that is both stylish and reminiscent of earthy themes and a relaxed lifestyle.


Ecoalf is another entry that makes good use of recycled materials to produce all manner of stylish clothing, from jackets and boots to backpacks and t-shirts.

They have an extensive range of goods for both women and men that are both stylish and environmentally friendly.

These guys go to great lengths collecting and recycling material from beaches and the oceans around Thailand that may cause harm to the environment. Which means that by simply donning an item of their attire, you are doing quite a bit to keep this planet spinning.

Members and affiliates of Ecoalf also try and do their part away from the production of clothing, by producing murals which encourage passersby to reflect on their own conservation habits and the protection of endangered species of animals.


For the young and funky, there is no need to ignore your environmental responsibility to get in on fashionable threads. Swords-Smith produces goods that are designed by up and coming designers in the fashion industry.

This puts a little more flair into their clothing than many other environment-sensitive lines. They are big on color and energy; so while their products might be perfect for a night out partying, they aren’t always safe for work.

Do your part today

If you would like to make a move in your life that makes you more attune to the needs and fears of the natural environment, would like to take part in supporting these brands that do what they can to nurture the environment, take a look at any of their websites for catalogues, and further details on their impact on the environment.

Even if you are not particularly concerned about your carbon-footprint, these remarkable brands will still offer you a strong sense of head-turning style.

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