Designer of the week: Ana Branco of Portugal

Ana Branco 50s Dress
Ana Branco 50s Dress

Potential is as much of a factor in a designer’s future as vision and style. Designers are constantly evolving and experimenting, drawing their inspiration from people they see, friends, and their own fashion needs and desires and the ability to see these needs and trends is an important skill for a designers to have.
Also, designers who take advantage of successful classic designs, merging them with inspiration from today’s styles and where they see fashion going in the future, have a slight advantage over designers who immediately jump into designs so innovative, they crash and burn before they reach their full potential. This isn’t to say that designers shouldn’t take risks, sometimes idea like fabric sunglasses work out, other times, the sunglasses end up falling apart and in the garbage within a year.
Ana Branco, an up and coming designers from Portugal, uses a mix of classic style and daring innovation in several of her newest styles, particularly her Unique collection. We asked her a few questions about her love of fashion, inspiration and thoughts on the “Little Black Dress“.

SFW:When did you know you wanted to be a designer? Any memory that sticks out?

Ana: Fashion It always been a passion since my childhood. I used to spend most of my time drawing gown dresses and ask my mother and friends to number their favorite one. From there, I took all the steps to get to the Fashion College, where I got my major in fashion design.

SFW: Do you recommended any other designers (amateur or professional)?

Ana: Yes, I recommend one of my favorit portuguese designers, ALVES/GONÇALVES, both my teachers on college. And also, NORMA KAMALI, my main inspiration on my designs and concept.These two names are very popular and well positioned in market. Less popular, but with great designs I recommend Storytailors.

SFW: What do you think about the “little black dress”? Is it an instrumental part of every woman’s wardrobe, a myth?

Ana: I think is both, an instrumental piece and also a myth. The Little Black Dress is timeless, one of the main items of every woman’s wardrobe. Since long ago it has been always on the spotlights of fashion. It’s elegant, clean and a safe choice to look always fancy.

SFW: Where do you see your designs going in the future, exclusive, mainstream or would you design for a larger label and why/why not?

Ana: In the future I see my designs on stores with several brands and on my Store/Atelier with personal styling. I can perfectly see myself designing for a large brand as well. I think is the only way to expand my collections worldwide.

SFW: Where do you draw your inspiration from?

Ana: My inspiration cames from the streets. I look at woman of every age and pay attention of the way they dress. Also I try to know their needs about clothes. My target worries about comfort, easy wear and clean items, that can be worned in different way.

Her Unique collection is fun and sexy, with a range of styles from cocktail party to retro nerd party, all with a particular consistent style. The Opulent Jacket, Warrior Dress, 50’s Dress and the white body shaper are my particular favorites. The body shaper especially fun for summer to wear with some shorts or skirt and leggings.

Ana Branco Body Shaper
Ana Branco Body Shaper

Owning one of her pieces is also a Unique experience in itself. To purchase a piece or find out more, check out her site at //, purchases can be made with the form on the Encomenda page (name, email, style,size, contact number). Ana speaks english quite well so don’t be afraid!

Small designer’s represent!!

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