Designer of the Week: Our Legacy, Swedish Menswear

Our Legacy: Post-Modern Honesty
Our Legacy is a Swedish men’s clothing brand which has drawn much of its design influence from Basquiat and Marcel Duchamp, looking to the artists for inspiration when creating their comprehensively simple line of relaxed fit shirts, knits, suits, footwear and tees.

There’s an attitude about Our Legacy which suggests that they know how good their clothes are and feel no compunction about saying so. Lines entitled ‘Great Sweats’ and ‘Perfect Tees’ make no attempt at self-deprecation, which has all too long been a staple of the indie fashion industry. Instead, there’s something refreshingly honest about Our Legacy – the name itself may even constitute a nod towards their rejection of the nostalgic miasma which has permeated every facet of indie culture since before the dawn of Instagram, relentlessly hearkening back to decades gone by in an endlessly self-referential haze of post-post-modern irony.

Simply Forward Thinking Design in Swedish Menswear 
Our Legacy aren’t looking backwards; they’re well into the future, sweeping away the rapidly stagnating remnants of irony gone bad and replacing it with almost unnervingly fresh designs that simply have no need for emotional exhortation. Rich fabrics and simple cuts speak significantly louder than sepia, and can be worn much more satisfactorily.

It’s not that Our Legacy have moved beyond hipster, per se, but simply that they have reduced their clothing line to its purest form, thereby shedding all the quintessential, extraneous trappings of style gone wrong. There’s nothing over the top here, and nothing bad either. From the luxurious Alpaca knits to the unconstructed matt blazers and melange linen shirts,  Our Legacy have successfully built their brand on making ‘simple’ a style statement to be proud of.

Shop at Oi Polloi for Our Legacy Clothing
With only a few select stockists available from which one can purchase Our Legacy clothes, UK retailer Oi Polloi has to be one of the best. Danny Brocklehurst, writing for The Guardian, describes Oi Polloi as ‘Manchester’s best independent menswear boutique’, referring to their stocked clothes as ‘functional yet individual’. Our Legacy lines at Oi Polloi include plain round neck knits, silk cotton sweatshirts, a wealth of shirts in styles ranging from blue candy tripe to amazonas green patterned, as well as a small range of acceptably cocky hats and gloves. These clothes are great and they know it.

If you’re interested in finding out more about Our Legacy clothing or browsing to see what’s on offer, get yourself over to Oi Polloi to view their extensive collection and take advantage of the reasonable prices on offer. Oi Polloi – like the clothes they sell – have a great reputation as being one of the North’s premium stockists of independent, street smart clothing and accessories for men who want to break away from the norm and explore the world of post-modern cool – without a hint of irony.

amazonas our legacy
First Shirt in Amazonas Green

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