Designer of the week: Yours Truly

At the moment, I’m completely hooked on sweatshirts, cardigans and scarves worn over crop tees (over cozy undershirts), teeshirt dresses and of course some warm thick quality jeans (I’ve been really cold lately as you might guess). I’ve also been bulking up my closets with this newest wave of companies sporting ‘modern meets vintage’ designs, like art deco or tribal/native patterns. While shopping around, I get kind of tired of my main-stream options like my expensive sweet tooth desires, Wildfox Couture and Stussy, and need some smaller companies to bring me back to reality.

Yours Truly is a Brooklyn New York clothing company who “may or may not comprehend the standards for what is normal in today’s society. It’s a brand designed for this wacked and obsessed generation influenced by everything that encompasses it.” and that makes us smile.

Many of their sweatshirts and long sleeve tees have a great scoop neck design with a nice wide boxy torso, not quite bat wing, but better. This Long sleeve raglan, the Crackski, looks like an amazing fit and it’s nice and loose while I, ahem, fulfill my resolution for 2011.

Your Truly NY Clothing

Other favorites of mine include The Lover Crop Top and The Rebel T-shirt Dress. The crop, (and you can’t really tell from this small photo) has a feature I’ve never seen on a tee,  braided bits of fabric on either shoulder that make the tee extra unique. The slogan may be cheesy, and totally reminds me of kids tees in the 80s, but I like French writing on tops. It’s a cool way to express something that would probably be embarrassing or silly in english and if I ever go to France, people can get a rise out of how silly it is in French. Would you buy a shirt that says “That’s Life”? I think in english it would look like something from cafe press or a state fair. See how much the French do for us!
Yours Truly The lover crop top

The The Rebel T-shirt Dress is great for one obvious reason, lighting bolt, zippers and neon text, but I’m old school (dorky) like that. Tee shirt dresses have been good friends of mine this whole last year. I’ve gotten hooked on wearing one around the house with my favorite leggings and boots but outside the house, I usually throw on some shorts. I’m not quite ready to sport the leggings-tee combo by itself. The shoulders of the tee freakin zip open and closed, giving it a super hot, maxin relaxin look (so very Brooklyn of them) and is 100% Pima organic cotton.
The Rebel T-Shirt Dress by Yours Truly

There are a ton of other styles on their site along these lines, but I hate to warn you, and I know it’s my fault telling you all about them, but they’re running pretty low on stock. I’m grabbing what I can and leaving the rest to you all. I’ll be fair ;-)

Check out Yours Truly at their website,

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  1. This is so helpful! It’s so hard to find some nice warm clothes that are trendy as well. Actually, it would be wonderful to wear less but also stay trendy right?! Anyway, good job on this article! :D

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