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I dont snoop around much, maybe I should. So I had never heard of Raquel Reed until today. What I like about her is her unconventional looks (for a model) and the bright colors that are always present in photos of her are a grabber as well.

Raquel Reed

I was extra surprised to find out that shes one of few black models making a name for herself. In an interview in Doe Deere Blogazine, she’s asked “They say black models are on the decline (Raquel is black), and have been for several years. What do you have to say to that?
Raquel: I think black is beautiful, and I think that’s crap that the world is just NOW deciding to go backwards with race in fashion, than forward. I hate how there is always that ONE standard black model in a fashion show. Like they are forced to put her in there to look like they are not against African Americans in their show.”

Sooner or later she’ll be releasing her website but for now check out the clothing line, Alumni Clothing, who she arranges modeling, promotion and creative marketing for. It’s owner by her boyfriend, who designs the shirts, and although many are New York related at the moment theres enough that arent to make it worth mentioning worldwide.

Here’s some of my favorites from Alumni, They’re actually surprisingly affordable, considering what a popular brand name usually means…

Check out her myspace as well, It’s got as much info and photos as anywhere else


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