Dita Von Teese Wears World’s First 3D Printed Dress

Dita Von Teese in 3D printed dress

Burlesque dancer and fashion icon Dita Von Teese debuted the world’s first fully 3D-printed dress at the Ace Hotel in New York City.

The dress was created virtually. Schmidt designed the entire dress on his iPad and communicated with Bitonti through Skype during the process of imagining 17 unique pieces and 3,000 joints that let the dress move with the body.

The biggest challenge in creating the dress was working with materials that weren’t malleable as they came out of the printer. “To do that you have to break it down into individual components so it can become something sensual,” Schmidt said. “Taking this hard plastic material and making it flow and sexy and undulate around the body.”

Francis added, “The curvature is always changing as she moves. As far as difficulty goes, if you could imagine creating a piece with 3,000 unique moving individual parts.”


The garment is specially designed to move with the body of its wearer—incredibly, the hard plastic material appears to flow in a sensual manner.


[ source Geekology ]


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