Have Dog, Will Travel! Tips For Holidays With The Pup

Most of us have pets and we don’t always want to board them when we travel, I know my dog HATES being boarded. She always flies and drives with us when we travel and packing the perfect luggage comes second to making your dog comfortable and happy during a long trip. Our cats travel with us in the car mostly, no planes yet, but an upcoming trip to the UK has made us start looking for a Cat-friendly pet Carrier.

The people at HerePup have thought of everything you need to know about traveling with your best friend!  They provided us with a super thorough list of things to remember.

Here are some of our personal tips:

  1. There are however some specific things to know for certain countries that you’ll have to research before you leave – like in Brazil you need a stamp from the Brazilian consulate on the pet’s health certificate to bring a pet through the country, even if you only have a layover. I learned the hard way and had to take a different plane that passed over Brazil instead – the nearest consulate was hundreds of miles from my origin flight and it just wasn’t feasible.  Also, the time in which you need to get the health certification or rabies shot from the time you travel can also vary, from a week to within a couple days of your flight. To drive over the border to Canada however, you only need a rabies certificate that is up to date. There is a learning curve but it’s easy to become an expert in no time! And remember, Kittens cannot get their shots until they are 8-12 weeks old so you can’t travel with them just yet!
  2. In the car, it’s also handy to bring a towel – you never know when you might have to walk your pet in mud, rain or decide to take them for a swim!
  3. Bring treats and a portable water bowl on car trips! Sometimes your dog wont feel like eating while on the road and it’s important to keep them at least snacking. With the portable and foldable water bowls you can quickly pour in just enough water for a few laps, then dump it out so it doesn’t spill in the car, then repeat at every stop to make sure they stay hydrated.
  4. Do NOT roll the window down any more than their nose can fit out unless they are strapped in or someone can hold them. They can fall or jump out just as easily as if they were in the back of a truck.

Check out more great tips below, and be the best pet owner you can be by reading up at herepup.com!



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