Don’t Let a Designer Name Fool You

Recently I was a surprised by an email I received about a new jewelry line, by a well known existing company – an fairly expensive company normally, and in the email was jewelry that looked exactly like a much more affordable company from the U.K.

The jewelry in the email is Wildfox, a company who’s stuff I always like – and although I usually refuse to pay $90 for a tee shirt and $198 for a sweater, I do own one Wildfox sweater, bought I got at an awesome discount of course.  I’m not sure why they decided to get into jewelry but I’m not impressed as none of it features very original design or concept, and the same things can be bought all over the internet.

Why not, if bothering to buy statement jewelry, choose from a larger selection and a company who hand crafts their own higher quality pieces? Not to mention one who charges the same if not less for similar looking pieces?  I’m a Galibardy fan.

Check out these rings:

Support small business and hand crafting!

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