Dress To Impress: Office Staples You Need Now

If you have to dress up for work, you probably don’t want to be investing in a brand new wardrobe every season. The good news is that you don’t have to spend a fortune on clothing to look the business. By curating a capsule wardrobe, you can ensure you look the part all-year round. If you’re keen to impress, here are some office staples you need now.


The suit

Even if you don’t need to wear a suit day in, day out, it’s handy to have one just in case you have interviews or important meetings. The key to finding the best suit lies in the fit. It’s no good having a suit that looks perfect on a hanger. It has to fit you like a glove. If you’re on the lookout for a new suit, take a trip to some stores, try on a range of styles, and see how you get on. If you can’t find anything that ticks all the boxes, it’s worth considering using an alterations service or looking into buying a tailored suit. Tailored suits are more expensive than off-the-rack styles, but they are bespoke, and they should last you for years.


The shirts

When you’re building a capsule wardrobe, it’s wise to opt for plain shirts, especially if the dress code is smart, or you attend formal occasions on a frequent basis. Make sure you try shirts on, even if you know what collar size you are, as styles can vary. Regular fit shirts tend to be a little looser than slim fit. Choose colors that match suits and trousers in your closet. White is a great option because it looks chic and smart, and it matches everything. You can also switch up your shirts to embrace seasonal trends. Darker shades like burgundy and charcoal are ideal for fall and winter, while pastel blues and pinks work well for spring. If you do wear smart shirts on a regular basis, it’s worth buying a shirt stay to keep your shirt tucked in at all times. This will ensure you look the part. If you’re looking for something a little jazzier than plain colors, opt for understated patterns that are suitable for the office environment. Good examples include small polka dots and fine stripes.


The shoes

If you’re shopping for shoes to wear to work, you need to bear style and substance in mind. You want a pair of shoes that looks great, but you also want to be comfortable and to invest in footwear that will last. Try shoes on, check the fit, and walk around in them before you make a decision. It’s normal for new formal shoes to feel a little snug, but you don’t want to be covered in blisters. Black is always a good option, but if you have navy or gray trousers in your wardrobe, you could also consider colors like tan and dark brown.


If you have a job that requires you to dress to impress, it’s useful to create a capsule wardrobe, which you can modify and tweak as the seasons change. This will ensure you look stylish at the same time as saving you money.

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