Dressing As Work Casual As Possible

No matter what kind of job you work, there’s always going to be an element of a dress code. Even when you’re someone who works from home, in your pajamas behind a screen without having to see anybody, there’s going to be times where you have to put your Sunday best on, and because of this, putting your work clothes on can get very uncomfortable!

If you’re someone who hates to fit themselves into a suit, or you’re always finding yourself sweating away behind the computer whilst you’ve got a button down on, then you’re going to need some good work casual pointers on your side. And thankfully, posts like these are here to help you out! Don’t worry, it’s a much easier shift than you think – and it’s going to make completing your shift a lot easier at the same time! So here’s a couple of pointers for your time.
Dressing casual at work is all the rage nowadays, so be sure to jump on the bandwagon and feel a little more at home in your professional setting!

Keep the Rips Out

No matter what clothes you decide on for your dress down Friday or minimum effort week at work, make sure you’re never wearing clothes that have holes or rips in them, even when the piece was designed to include them! You’re going to want to look professional, even when you’re casual and just working within the office for the day, and rips are not appropriate for this kind of setting! Make sure you cut out that entire section of your wardrobe.


Go Smart But Basic

When you’ve got a whole week of work ahead of you after waking up on a Monday, you can feel pretty bad about your clothing options, and having the energy to put into getting your black slacks and blazer on every day. And because of this, you’re not looking forward to work anymore than you were last week. But don’t worry too much, seeing as you’ve got plenty of opportunity to dress a little more basic than usual.


Most stores have their own basic lines, and this is where you’re going to find all your vests and plain shorts, as well as a short sleeve tshirt or two that’s going to keep the sweat patches away when you’re working under a broken air conditioner. And these basic items are all going to look naturally smart because they’re so plain, so be sure to buy up some shirts next time you hit your local supermarket.


Dressing casual for work, whilst still looking as neat as possible, doesn’t have to be as hard as you think. You’ve got plenty of working room within your wardrobe, and you’re never going to have to spend hundreds on making sure you’re comfortable at work – all you need are a few plain pieces and the savvy to make them look a little more professional! This is your career you’re carving out, make sure you’ve got some style!


Featured photo by Khoman Room on Unsplash

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