dur-doux – Future Shock

The 2015 collection from dur-doux is a great mix of futuristic dresses and lines, mixed with a splashing of regional patterns and cuts. It reminds me of the clueless upper class population of the city in Blade Runner, and their inner city gypsy counterparts. For me it envokes a science fiction feel and I like it!

Born and raised in Tallahasee, Florida, dur-doux designer, Najla Burt, was surrounded by creativity and always enjoyed experimenting with her own personal style. As a child, she grew up watching her mother create clothing for her and her siblings.  She immediately gained a passion for design and developed her creative imagination by assisting her mother in selecting fabric and creating custom outfits.

In 2009, Najla moved to New York to pursue her dreams and earn a degree in Fashion Design from Parsons the New School for Design.  The blend of growing up in Florida and New York led to a unique duality in the way that she designs her luxury womenswear brand, Dur Doux.  The line reflects Najla’s fresh perspective and refined vision of trends in the fashion world.

Dur Doux offers clothing that looks and feels like luxury with a touch of Avant-Garde sensibility.  Inspiration from the line comes from films, art, and the different countries that Najla visits around the world.  Check out her latest collections at: //www.durdoux.com

2015 Collection

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