Easy Ways To Transition From Winter To Spring Wardrobe

Spring is on its way, and it’s time to shed some layers and swap those demure winter shades for brighter, bolder colours! Adapting your style to suit the seasons isn’t always easy or cheap. This season change is often the most difficult. It’s not cold enough to wear your winter clothes, but neither is it warm enough for your summer outfits. So, I have come up with the following tips that I hope will help you to make a smooth and simple change from winter to spring wardrobe.



  • Mix summer with winter


If you have lots of winter clothes and plenty of summer items, but not much in between, it is possible to combine elements of each to create perfect spring ensembles. For example, I often wear a pair of bright printed shorts or patterned skirt with a t-shirt, leggings or tights, and ankle boots. This outfit is practical for the slightly warmer weather and also allows you to inject a bit of colour to reflect this vibrant season. It’s a good idea to experiment with winter/summer combinations as not everything will work. Also, don’t be afraid to pull out your pretty summer dresses a bit early. Wear them with tights and a light cardigan for the perfect spring style.

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  • Invest in a few spring essentials


Most of us don’t have the time or money to completely overhaul our wardrobes every season. My advice is that you invest in a couple of really lovely and good quality essentials that will last you for many springs to come. What I consider to be spring essentials are: a light trench coat, a pair of ankle booties, cropped trousers and a pair of statement sunglasses. If you haven’t got a good bag that will see you through summer, this is also something you may wish to invest it. Your winter bag is usually bigger in order to fit in all your winter accessories, and more robust so that it can withstand the cruel weather. However, you spring to summer bag can be smaller and lighter. You may wish to take a look at some handbags by Alexander Wang for some spring/summer arm candy inspiration.




  • Leave some layers


Layers are your best friend in winter, but they are also very helpful and stylish in spring. All you need to do to transition your style from winter to spring is to shed a couple. Those light cardigans that you wore under you winter gilet are perfect as your new top layer in your spring ensembles. As is the fitted blazer you were used to wearing under a cosy jacket in winter. Add a denim shirt over a vest top or t-shirt for a stylish form of spring layering.


You’ll need to be creative with your outfits, and you may need to supplement your existing wardrobe, but, as you can see, the transition from winter to spring can be easy. On that note, I’m off to organise my spring wardrobe. Have fun with yours!

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