There are Environmentally Friendly Fashion that’s not embarrassing to wear?!

Yes. There are several!
I recently bought a recent issue of metropop showing a short list of high end and mid range designers who are turning their industry in a more eco friendly direction. I’ve compiled a list and a run down so the next time you shop on ebay, a local boutique or Street Market, you’ll remember these Environmentally Friendly Fashion companies.

20151102184147710 Gilded Age Jeans

“Handcrafted line inspired by the craftsmanship of the Gilded Age, using organic materials, natural dyes and artisanal fabrics, reminiscent of an era that predates mass production”

th Toms Shoes

Toms shoes was started from a trip to Argentina. Blake Mycoskie, founder, found a comfortable pair of shoes (all my comfortable shoes are from Argentina too coincidentally) that were traditionally worn by farmers, workers and just about anyone outside its gentrified capital. While enjoying this discovery, he noticed the many many children who had no shoes at all, or ones barely hanging on their feet. He decided to dedicate his entire company to the production of comfortable shoes in an Argentine style, and donate one shoe for each sale to a child somewhere in the world without shoes. Its a noble campaign and theres really no going wrong on the deal from any side, you get a comfortable shoes a great price (average adult price $48 – $68 US) and you get to feel awesome about the kid who’s wearing a pair of shoes because of you. He also says in an interview, “Even if I break even, ill concider [the company] a sucess”

If you can afford to, also keep an eye out for high fashion lnes like ‘John Patrick Organic, carried at places like Barneys of NY and Swedish designer Camilla Norrback who has been eco freindly since 2002. Let us know about any other eco friendly designers you know of!


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  1. The founder of the company’s name is Blake; TOMS stands for shoes for tomorrow. The pricing is actually cheaper than listed: 38 on the website.

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