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Shameless friend plug time!

Erhart Design

Chelsea Erhart, a fresh and lively designer, is quickly climbing the wall of Portland, into a land of international trendsetting. Her previous line was sent off to Japan for its worldwide debut, (If you happen to be in Japan check out Ra-ra iunvant 1-1 Wakakusadai Aoba-ki Yokohama 227-0045 Japan, or see them online at and her well known ‘Tracket’s, (one of which I own, horray!) can also now be found at (Located at 223 NE Russell St. Portland, OR 97212).

She recently received some great press at, featuring a Denim Hoodie from her newest collection. And she will be at yet another fashion show, the annual Explode la Mode and p:ear benefit this Saturday (p:ear Loft, 338 NW 6th, Sat Nov 22, 9 pm, $5).

Erhart Designs Silk Raglan
Erhart Design's Silk Raglan

Here’s a taste of her newest line, I’d love to post more but you’ll have more fun if you just go to her site and poke around! Check out the collections section to see her newest and past lines!

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