Essential Autumn to Winter Accessories 2017


Yes, you still need sunglasses in autumn and winter! The sun is just as bright  no matter the month, and if you live in a snowy place, snow can be quite piercingly bright, making driving difficult, giving you headaches and damaging your eyes.  Sunglasses can bring a chill, summer feel to any outfit, any season.

Sunglasses - SalsaMy favorite vacation sunglasses , “The Salsa – Bold in Blue“, work great year round for me because they match my coat and gloves with dark blues an purples in winter and are still great when the heat comes back around. They’re large enough to block a lot of light and dark enough to keep out the glare in an ultra stylish way. I often have a problem with sunglasses being too right on my head and giving me a headache but these fit just right. I’ve still yet to find a great eyeglass case to go with them – always on the hunt for the perfect accessories!



Breezy Scarves

A scarf can be the difference between being uncomfortable and comfortable indoors and out this time of year. Even a breezy, thin scarf can make a huge difference in keeping your neck, shoulders and chest warm in a breeze or cold building. If you need, you can also put it over your head to make it between coffee shops on a brisk day. I love the variety and handmade quality of ScarfClub on Etsy. So many unique designs and versatile scarves for all seasons!



Cozy Socks

Socks are an integral part of my outfit, even if no one sees them, I know they’re there, and autumn is the BEST time of year for sock fanatics like me. No more ankle socks stuffed down inside my shoes, I can wear whatever weird, colorful socks I want when I finally get to wear trousers every day. I have a few favorite places to get socks but currently I love the original designs found at SpoxSox, another etsy shop I stalk!



Aside from socks, Hoodies are my favorite part of the year. I typically wear them any time of year I can get away with it. They’re flattering, casual and can be a great way to express yourself. Again as is this site’s purpose, I have to go with indie designers found at for my hoodies. My favorites this fall include Slay All Day hoodie by Awfully Adorable,  Girl Boss hoodie by quoteme, and WTF – Grease Movie hoodie by andwomandesign.


Coffee Cups

I consider these an accessory because I take mine with me everywhere I go, to the coffee shop, walking the dog, everyone sees my travel mugs so they better be awesome. I usually get compliments every time I hand them over to a barista, hey, I’ll take it! Right now I’m a big fan of these adorable designs from PrintandClay

These are on my Christmas list but we’ll see if I can wait (I can’t).


I hope you enjoy these suggestions as much as I do! Just writing this blog is forcing me to go shopping and perk up my fall scene. Enjoy! 


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