Essential Items for Back Packing Around the World

Saving up money is the first step to seeing the world. Learn more about winning big online at Barbados Bingo for your big trip. Then once you have created your dream travel itinerary, you still have to overcome one of the most difficult challenges of your back-packing adventure: what to pack?


Luckily, we have experience in back-packing and world travel and are here to get you started and guide you towards some essential items you will need to make this journey unforgettable. So, check out our top 5 items that every serious back-packer needs so you get started on the excursion of a life-time:

A high quality back-pack


Now we know you want to save all that hard-earned cash on experiences and to get you to your next destination, but having a high-quality back pack is essential. Remember, you will be carrying your most important possessions in this pack, so you don’t want it getting broken into, ripped or just not having enough space so do not scrimp on this item! Make sure it is durable, has plenty of compartments and space and a waterproof cover is vital. This will make sure your valuables like your mobile will be safe and sound so you can use it playing the newest online slots here.

A padlock

You would be surprised how many people heard off on their journey into the unknown, without a quality pad lock to secure their possessions. If you have followed step number one, you are going to want to make sure no one can break into your high-quality back pack. There are specially made locks to secure your bag but you should also have a lock for the back-pack storage boxes that most hostels will have. After all, you can’t carry your back-pack around with you everywhere so you will want to know it is safe while you are out.

A microfiber towel

This item is a real godsend when you are in accommodation which is less than comfortable! You will not always be given access to towels in hostels and often you will have to pay to use them, so to save money, make sure you have one of these highly absorbent, compact and fast drying towels.

A kindle

Although we love to be able to feel the pages turn as we read a book, a kindle is much more practical for the traveller. This way you can download all your travel guides and novels and take up minimum space in your pack. You will be grateful for your kindle on those days when you are stuck inside because of the weather, or delayed for hours on end at the airport: some of the harsh realities of back packing life that we don’t always think about before we leave home.

Document your journey

Taking a journal with you is important and relaxing. You can paste in tickets, brochures, leaves etc, anything that peaks your interest! If you’re more about technology consider being a vlogger and use what the professionals use to edit your videos. Check out the best video editing software, good video and photo editing tools are always worth it. 

A mesh laundry bag

While on your travels, you could find it difficult to find access to a laundrette to wash your dirty clothes and having those dirty items in your pack, especially in hotter countries, will stink up your remaining clean clothes pretty rapidly, even when placed in a plastic bag. These ultra-light laundry bags keep clothing separate until you can get it all washed.


We hope you have found this guided useful and make sure to pack them before you head off on your travel adventure.

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