We became interested in Evenagamba as soon as we saw their unique look and approach to modern fashion. Their stylish hoodies are a contradiction to the “high fashion” world, embracing streetwear style and comfort, over lavish unwearable design. Don’t let the photos fool you, they are surprisingly not much more than a local designer would charge here on the west coast. The hoodies are 100% cotton and designed with those against the “fashion assembly line” in mind.


The Evenagamba brand is the vision of Juan Carlos Anglero and Henric Olsson. GAMBA (n) 1: Spanish for shrimp. 2: An individual who follows fashion trends and mass appeal versus expressing his or her own personal interest or style. A person who cares more about appearance than any other factor.

Motto: “We are determined to find a balance between comfort and style that is imaginative, edgy and a means for connecting with young adults in a rapidly changing world. A brand that even a “gamba” can wear allowing him/her to let go and be their better self.”

Reason: “Due to the globalization of fashion, style and quality have become synonymous with the high end fashion and exuberant designer brands. As a result, the current prominence of such “high fashion” is conformist. The majority of “fashion forward” individuals do not see fashion as a medium to express personal style. On the contrary, individuals follow mass opinion, seeking fashion for fashion’s sake. We believe that fashion is a vehicle for self-expression; a reflection of personal thought. We aim to counteract GAMBAS by introducing a sensible sportswear line that combines comfortable materials with unique cuts. With attention to detail, colors and fit, we are able to delineate sexy silhouettes for women and provide flexibility for men. Thus enabling individuals to regain personal expression with a piece that they will value and love. Our collection is released in a limited production basis bi-annually, by introducing each season five designs for men and five designs for women. Each piece is stamped with a story and illustration of current social and cultural changes. In addition, we want to serve as a platform for generating active though and social responsibility by illuminating the changes that affect our society today.”

Factory in Peru
Factory in Peru
Factory in Peru
Factory in Peru

“We are working with the wonderful Matos family in Peru. Incredible work ethic and immaculate quality craftsmanship is all i can say. We always love going to see them to create the next collection…”




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  1. To have a piece (two or three) of Evenagamba’s line…is definitely worth it ! I absolutely love the quality…trust me, once you have your hands on one of their pieces..you’ll fall in love !

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