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Organise a Party Like a Pro

From time to time and when the occasions call for it, we like to throw parties for our friends and family. Parties are great events to get together with your loved ones, reconnect and have a great time. Parties are fun but organising them can be a tad daunting. There is a lot of planning, getting the right supplies, choosing the perfect venue and so much more that goes into organising a party to remember. The…


ModCloth Pop-Up Store to Arrive in Portland this July

As part of its In-Real-Life (IRL) tour, popular online retailer ModCloth will be opening a brick and mortar store during the month of July at Pioneer Place Mall. As ModCloth continues to expand with its loyal following of fashion-forward women, the Portland pop-up shop will showcase ModCloth’s unique indie and vintage-inspired styles and bring ModCloth’s online community to life. The third stop on its five-city IRL tour, Portland was an obvious choice as it’s one of the retailer’s top-performing cities.…


Lessons We Learned From Prince About Partying

We’re Gonna Party Like Prince in 1999 When it comes to throwing party there is a person that will be remembered because of it along with his major hits – Prince. After his recent passing away, people all over the world still comment on his songs, but they do not forget his magnificent parties either. He will always remain famous as a an ultimate party thrower. There is a lot of things to learn from him…


NEW: TV Show Featuring Lolitas! I’m Asian American and…I’m a Living Doll

A new show called “I’m Asian American and…” on Myx .TV is taking on a topic I know you’ll love! Originating from Japanese street fashion, the Lolitas adopt “ye olde time” Victorian fashion and elements from Japanese anime to create a unique style reminiscent of expensive porcelain dolls. Fully decked out in fake eyelashes, contacts, wigs, extensions, and/or dyed hair, they got it all, and have no shame in wearing it everywhere – making it more of a lifestyle than a trend…

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Epica Wines for Your Next Fashion Swap Parties!

What is a “Fashion Swap Party” you might ask? Well, it’s exactly what it sounds like. You and some friends get together, bring your older styles or things that don’t fit any more and you might get sponsored by Epica Wines! That basically means they’ll help the fun roll through the night if you know what I mean – so only people in the US who are 21 and over can qualify – worth a shot!…

Sugar Art and Fashion Show - Phoenix

Sugar Art & Fashion Show – Phoenix Arizona – March 29th

Friday, March 29th, Madgirl Productions’ very own Sugar Art & Fashion Show  will  be presenting the Phoenix edition of their second national tour, for a night of art, fashion, music & mayhem. My photography will be featured on the walls and as a booth at the event which takes place in an early 19th century warehouse called The Duce. The Duce has been transformed into a popular Phoenix,  bar, gym, clothing shop, event hall and meeting…

Dailycandy NY Fashion Week
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New York Fashion Week – Thursday Highlights

Those talented style-hunters over at Dailycandy are live on the hunt for the cornucopia of New York Street Fashion that’s coating the city during New York Fashion Week. Every day we’ll be sharing highlights, photos and news as it comes in! Revel in the long distance style culture! This is where trends are born and designers shine! Name: Leandra Medine Profession: manrepeller.com What show are you coming from/going to? Rachel Comey How long did it take to get ready…

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Singapore and Mentos Collaborate to Get Some Babies Made

Singapore has a huge population issue at the moment and it’s only getting worse. What should they do? Well, to start they can encourage people to go home and have sex (to make babies and all) after the Singapore National Day festivities, or during for all they care, they just want kids. If this campaign was run in the U.S., it probably wouldn’t go over very well, especially for Mentos, who would likely be accused of…

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2012 Olympics Begin and Out Comes The Swag

I love to travel and I used to feel guilty if I wore a tee with a flag or place on it I hadn’t been yet, but I decided a little while ago – maybe after visiting New York, or seeing the great travel tee inventions of Gelada, that it didn’t matter. Even if I would never go to that place, I could still show my appreciation for it. I found a few designers who are really all…