Eye-Popping Summer Trends in 2019

Summer is here and you have been waiting all year long for a chance to wear that glowing fresh makeup look. These looks can be bold yet refreshing, eye-catching yet effortless. Summer is the perfect time to try them all!

If you are looking for some inspiration, this is the perfect guide to push you in the right direction. Keep reading for the most popular summer trends in 2019. 

Your Guide To The Best Beauty And Fashion Trends 

Lash Extensions

This is a great option for people, no matter their level of makeup expertise. Whether you are a beauty minimalist or maximalist, eyelash extensions are guaranteed to give your look a complete transformation! Your eyelash extension experience is completely customizable from the length, fullness, and color. It can be the perfect accessory to any outfit. Of course, the application process is tedious and requires a knowledgeable and experienced professional. Only eyelash technicians should be performing the lash application, using the best eyelash extension supplies. Nevertheless, getting eyelash extensions a must-try experience that is completely pain-free and stress-free!

Neon Pop

From a dash of electric eyeliner to a swipe of neon pink lipstick, this is a great option for all lovers of bright colors. When thinking of new makeup looks to try, neon is not always the first that springs to mind. Most people have a hard time imagining how such a bright color can look good. However, summer 2019 gives us an opportunity to showcase neon colors in makeup that will be extremely flattering for all skin types. Looks involving neon can be bold yet subtle. You can incorporate neon in your eyelashes, blush, nails, eyeliner! 

Dewy Shimmer

Finally, a makeup trend that works with oily skinned girls! Summer makeup is all about showing off your natural beauty. Looking dewy and radiant is the goal and although most of us do not wake up like this, this trendy look is still extremely easy to achieve! All you will need is a primer, dewy foundation, highlighter, and lip gloss. It is a classic look–perfect for attending a summer wedding or for everyday wear at work! Feel confident when you are walking out your door by trying this makeup look for the summer!

Glitter Hair

Are you attending a lot of concerts and festivals this summer? Are you completely clueless about what your festival look will be? Then glitter hair is the perfect option! Glitter hair is more than just a sticky tangled mess on the top of your hair. This year, glitter hair is more wearable than ever. There are so many ways you can style this unique look from full-blown glitter ponytails to subtle glitter strands that give your hair a sparkly effect. The products used to achieve glitter hair looks can range anywhere from glitter hairspray, glitter dust, and glitter hair tinsel. Your options are endless!

Try Them Out!

Your options for the top beauty and fashion trends are listed above! So which one are you going to try out? Let us know down below!

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