EyeEm Street Art Photo Competition!

Does your city have a ton of Street Art? Or just a small but awesome collection in a specific neighbourhood? Maybe you live somewhere small where street artists only pass through but leave a trail of awesome behind.
Whether it be brick wall, train, public bathroom or the ground you walk on, EyeEm wants to see what you see!

Street Art is an international language of freedom, expression and sometimes important messages – sometimes total nonsense. It can be painted on, glued on, even welded on but if its art and if its on the street – it’s probably street art!

To sum up the contest:

The challenge: capture street art wherever it strikes you and upload it to our streetart vibe.
The goal: to collectively create a worldwide street art gallery and project it back on the streets.
Deadline & date of projection: Friday night, 18th of November
Photos: check streetart.eyeem.com to see the latest pictures.

Check out some of the contest entries!

streetart by Brooklyn Theory on EyeEm

street art by Lesley Bourne on EyeEm

hushtache by takinyerphoto on EyeEm

If you’re always looking for a way to use your phone for some  fun and want to experiment with androidography/iphoneography, this is an awesome app that is already part of a global social scene of people who love style as much as us!


Get the App here:
Android Button    


See, vote, download and submit at: STREETART.EYEEM.COM


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