Nerdsday: Fashion and the iPhone/iTouch

X-mini Speaker with my iPhone in our Truck

I’ve had my iTouch for over a year now and my iPhone for 6 months. Do I need them both? Yes. Don’t think I’m spoiled or rich – the iTouch was a Christmas present and I paid $99 for my iPhone refurbished. I use both of them every day, all day long and can’t remember my life without them. I may be a little embarrassed of that but that doesn’t make it any less true.   I watch movies on planes and in bed on my iTouch, read books on Stanza on my iPhone. My iTouch plays Pandora internet radio all day through my iPod dock while I tether internet through my iPhone while I work   ( The wifi is borrowed from a neighbor and I don’t want to abuse it).   I don’t have TV so I get all my news from the BBC & NY Times apps- watch cartoons on YouTube. I check my email and reply to most while I’m out or my computer is off for the night and I play classic video games like Sonic and Megaman – and not so classic games like Cookin’ Mama and Dexter. When I visit friends with kids, I give them my iPhone for hours of fun with mustaches and apps where a monsters mouth copies your mouth movement (you keep it over your face and it looks like you have a monster mouth).

These things are an integral part of my life now – yeah I could live without them but there would be a long period of frustration. Because my iPhone and iTouch are constantly in hand or purse – they have to look cool and be safe. I bought my first iPhone case at a mall. I didn’t know any better at the time and wanted something right away to keep my new phone shiny and new. I found a pretty cool one, clear with hot pink zebra stripes, but after a few months I naturally needed a change. I started to look around the internet with much disappointment. Cases with swooshes and dragons seemed to dominate the market – after plain colored jelly ones of course ; that is until I found ones decorated in desirable or cute designs at Threadless.
This one is probably my favorite –

but there are several other designs to fit many styles and they’re really affordable. If you wanted to be extra geeky you can even have a matching t-shirt! All the designs started there and in collaboration with Griffin (mobile accessory people) the designs were chosen to work best on a case. The one above is compatible with the iPhone and iTouch – I’ll have to buy it to find out how but I plan to anyway.

Anyone else have a favorite place they got a case at? There are so many ugly iPhone cases – way too many to list so just trust that these are some of the best artist series online.

Now – if that was relevant to fashion enough for you, there are other options. Louis Vuitton sells iPhone pockets for $1100, and Juicy sells a hideous little number for $75   –

but I think both of those are a little too gaudy. For me an iPhone case should be something I don’t look around to see who’s noticing. It’s not a status symbol, it’s accessory decor – like a sticker or dangle on an antenna – its for you you not “them”; just like any fashion should be. I suppose if you truly feel an $1100 cell phone cover represents YOU – go to it but get it because you want it and its beautiful, not because of the name!

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