Fashion Company to Help Nepal Earthquake Victims with Crowdfunding

A Himalayan fashion start-up based in Kathmandu called Mountkarma is running a crowdfunding campaign to raise funds for the purchase of aid materials to Help Nepal Earthquake Victims. Specifically, their focus is to bring aid to villages in the Nuwakot district, one of the areas hardest hit. One village they assessed, named Simle, needs roof’s for 12 homes to hold back water from the impending monsoon, as well as rice to feed the village. The cost as of today; a single 30kg sack of rice is 1350nrp or $13.28 and the cost of tin roofs for 12 houses is 58000nrp or $570.74.

They have a unique platform as a Himalayan clothing brand to raise support through awareness. That’s why they’ve taken their iconic Tibetan prayer flag tee and added it as an offering for contributors that donate $50 or more. Handmade in the Himalayas from soft breathable bamboo textiles and adorned with stunning prayer flags this auspicious garment will bring you fortune wherever the wind takes you.

Prayer flags are ancient Tibetan devices used for turning our misfortune into fortune and the spread of positive energy. When wind passes through the flags there energy is released and carried by the Lung Ta (Wind Horse) into all the surrounding areas. They’re an age old force for good and change.




The entirety of the proceeds raised will be used to purchase relief materials minus the cost of production of the shirts, any bank transfer fee’s or Indiegogo’s fee.

Click the link below to find out more and support their relief efforts!


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