Fashion Feelings: Back to basics

I don’t think people wear enough hats, and not just the hats you see ravers wearing (who are ruining it for hat wearers everywhere) but really cool old style gorgeous hats and hats with personality, like these!

Silly Europeans


view photostream Uploaded on May 24, 2008
by sawhster

19 October 2008- Details

Etsy Hats I Like:

I also recently like solid colored tights. I know I recently wrote about patterns but I think it’s important to get bold with solids as well. Especially in the marriage of patterns and solids – with solid tights like these.


green tea

Yellow and red

view photostream Uploaded on October 3, 2008
by xssat

Some Tights I like:

P.s. The site looks funny when its Translated, I’ve gotten a few complaints. I have no idea how to fit that, its a wordpress plugin not anything I made but I will work on finding a solution!!!!

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