Fashion Feelings: Harem Pants!

Harem pants were a really big trend when I lived in Argentina, and I never thought they would show up in the US, they’re still more popular abroad but its not too late to start them going here. Especially with so many styles and levels of bagginess, theres an option for anyone I think. They’re comfortable, movable and keep a nice warm pocket of air around your legs in the winter, assuming they’re made of the right fabric. Run in them, bike in them – chafe free!

I’ve always been a fan of many things Turkish, Egyptian or Middle Eastern, interiors, food and especially inspired fashion. Harem pants being at the top of that list, are something I’ve always wanted to make part of my regular wardrobe. When I was a teenager my mom made me a pair for Halloween, sadly they were too quickly sewn for for much daily wear, but I wore them till they fell apart anyway. Last year I tried on a pair at Forever 21 and was greatly disappointed. I have muscular calves and couldnt even get them fully on. The waist was baggy but they were made for someone with ultra skinny legs. I still really want some so checking out the group, I found several really great ones (though with little chance of finding the ones they bought, since theyre all over the world), it got me motivated to find some closer to home.

His & Hers Multicolor Harem Pants

His & Hers Multicolor Harem Pants
By Mochachocolata-Rita

Sweety Denim

Sweety Denim

By boboniaa

Harem Pants


By Caro en méli-mélo

I found some really great ones at Shopbop, mainly these:
Elizabeth and James Winter Velvet Harem PantsL.A.M.B. Tweed Harem Pants

1. Elizabeth and James Winter Velvet Harem Pants 2. L.A.M.B. Tweed Harem Pants

I’m not exactly shopping in the $400 range but the Elizabeth and James Harem Pants look so comfortable, maybe once they go on sale but by then I’ll probably already be satisfied with the L.A.M.B ones.
Since Im thinking of getting the L.A.M.B. ones while they’re having a sale, use this code today only and get 20% off some winter accessories to go with your winter wardrobe!
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