Fashion Feelings: Rethink Tie-Dye

Tie-Dye is usually associated with hippies, at least for me, but that’s because I’ve only just started to accept and see the potential of tie-dye on things other than oversize, low quality, t-shirts. Lately, tie-dye has been getting more and more diverse. This could be because of the 60s revival “outdoor concert” and “road trip” trend that’s been around the last couple of years, or because color is just so hot right now. Either way, I’m liking it. Some designers are even taking a “high fashion” angle with tie-dye which makes it immediately street-fashion in my book since it’s also crafty.

Tie-dye has found new life in the 21st century. Without the old stigma of Grateful Dead concerts or smoking weed in a park playing drums, it’s returned to its most basic form, a creative craft.
You could even say, tie-dye has grown up!

Rafael Jakimiuk – Milan

Rafael Jakimiuk - Milan
Designer: Rafael Jakimiuk – Model: Bozhena Dyka
By Michael Taborsky

Listening to: Goldfrapp


By Black Luna

Rainbow Tie-Dye


By ∞ n e t t i e

Tie-Dye Hair

You in Harajuku

By tokyofashion

If you’ve tried to tie-dye something, it’s super easy.

It’s exactly what it sounds like –

1. Buy some Rit Dye at the grocery store or online.

2. Buy some rubber bands or twine.

3. Mix your dyes into separate containers on a surface. Wear rubber gloves.

4. Roll, twist or chunk your item into sections separated by rubber bands or twine. Experiment with this because you can get very different results depending on how you configure your ties. Check out this website for some ideas for patterns and colors.

4. Dip each section into the dyes in the order you want or soak the whole shirt in a single dye. To get a traditional tie-dye, start light to dark (see above link).  Soak in each color for 4-10 minutes, depending on how dark you want it.

5. Experiment! The first one might not work out so, try, try again!
Want to try tie-dyed hair? – Check this tutorial! – Tie-Dyed Hair:


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