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Graphic Tee Fever: Summer Stock-up!

About a month or so into Summer I already start wishing I had more tanks, graphic tees and skirts. It usually depends on where I am in the world, if I’m in a city, I want more variety, if we’re in a small town, I don’t care as much. Browsing around my favorite online shops I found that Shopbop has a most excellent collection of graphic tees this summer from Wildfox, Sundry, UNIF, Freecity and more.…

Retail Web Series by Derek Baynham
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RETAIL: A Fashion Retail Parody Web Series

“Welcome to the Stanford & Mitch team! Let’s learn about how to be cool and respect each other!” The web series “RETAIL” is a hilarious take on working fashion retail at one of the many “mall hot spots” or, as you might get the impression from parts of the series, American Apparel itself. I worked retail for years and although I didn’t have the exact experience as in a Stanford & Mitch retail location, the situations…