Fashion Icon: Ze! – Electropop Glam-Core Awesome!

Ze! is the Fashion Icon of the week here at Street Fashion Worldwide and there’s no need for an explanation. Her outfits scream ZE! and reflect her electropop glam-core music and personality in a colorful and memorable way.

No one can resist her eye-poppingly original outfits or her highly danceable up-beat music and personality – not even those of you who like to keep things a little more conservative. She will grab your head and yank it in her direction, leaving an imprint of neon and wow in your mind forever!

She reminds me of my obsession with the 80s as well, neon, acid wash, strange sunglasses and zebra print everything! She embodies the era, especially if the 80s were in an even cooler future. As her facebook profile mentions, she has traveled forward in time in the Delorean of “Back to the Future” fame, moonlighting as an electropop artist while keeping her day job as a Marty McFly’s lab assistant.

I think that’s a perfectly believable story and you will too when you learn more about her.

Ze! Malaysian Electropop

She hails from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and has a substantial music following at home and in Europe in the electropop scene – her music has been compared to CSS, Peaches and Miss Kitten – and as I listen to all of those groups/ladies – I wholeheartedly agree and think it’s about time she made her way to North America! Hear and download some of her music here:

We had to have an interview to understand the mind and daily life of someone as interesting as Ze!:

SFW: What or who is your greatest influence for your music, and for your fashion?
ZE!:Madonna. I remember singing to ‘Material Girl’ when i was 5, at an age when i couldn’t understand what i was singing but I could feel the girl power in that song. And at that age, I was the kinda little girl who bullied little boys in kindergarten. I wonder why!

SFW: Do you prefer small shops and indie designers or brands found around the world like American Apparel?
ZE!: Yeah i love indie designers! And proud to say I work with a lot of them from all over the world. They’re always sending me stuff to wear which is great cause i dont need to do much shopping anymore. It means that much more when I put them on, cause they’re made out of blood, tears, passion and love.

SFW: When were you drawn to dressing the way you do, did you meet with any resistance (peers or family etc)?
ZE!:I wasn’t fashionably aware as a teenager so the love for fashion came a little later for me, sometime towards the end of high school when I started going to parties. At the time, japanese fashion was all the rage and i totally jumped wholeheartedly into it. KL isn’t really a city where people dress over-the-top so it made me stand out and I liked it. Expressing myself with what I wear became a great extension to being a musician. Sure there were hits and misses, some of my friends would laugh at my choices of clothes sometimes but I think they also adore it at the same time. My parents were fashionable folks in their younger days so i think they get it or maybe they’ve given up!

SFW: What do you love about color?
ZE!:I love how I can use colours to express or let it affect my mood. Colours make things fun. The world was created with so many colours so I don’t get why most people are afraid of them.

SFW: What do you wear when you’re writing music?
ZE!:My birthday suit.

SFW: Have you ever had any wardrobe issues on tour? (lost a suitcase, torn your favorite leggings etc)
ZE!: I had a stye on my eye while on tour with Joachim Garraud, and it was really cramping my style! But thank god for shades :)

Find her on Facebook: //

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