Fashion Report: 2019 Trend Predictions

Neat, elegant, and classic – the runways showed us that designers are turning towards soft femininity and slightly old-school looks. Everyone from Balmain to Alexander Wang has been bringing a certain lightness of touch to their creations, and we were stunned to see such a variety of beautiful looks. But while the world of high fashion presents one thing, street trends and regular people who don’t have the habit of wearing haute couture on a daily basis often have a habit of creating their own idea of what’s modern and popular. So, what can gals like us expect in 2019? Let’s find out!


Delicate Lace

We’re loving the trendy take on lace we’ve seen on Victoria Beckham and Christopher Kane runways. Instead of old and matronly looks that we’ve seen a thousand times already, lace is utilized in a completely different way — cut into little details, and placed strategically on garments of masculine cuts. This androgynous blend is the perfect It-girl detail to rock for spring, so invest in fun button-down shirts and dresses and pair it with Oxford shoes for a really trendy vibe.


Everything Beige

It looks like beige will be one of the most popular colors next year, and this will give us the chance to stock up on some extremely wearable, classic pieces that are bound to be easy to match. From Burberry coats to Balmain and Tom Ford suits, we’ve seen all-beige outfits that managed to capture that ever-elusive timeless elegance. While beige might be a very basic color, think of it more as a good base. It’s the perfect chance to pair it with some bright, colorful accessories, so grab something in a statement color – orange, magenta, or olive green. Imagine a simple beige dress and a pair of orange sandals to break the monotony? Super fashionable, and totally easy to wear.


Statement Earrings

Earrings seem to be getting bigger and bigger each year! Jewelry for 2019 should be spectacular, eye-catching, and above all, fun. You don’t need anything else if you’ve got a pair of huge, colorful earrings that match your outfit, so invest in some cool pieces to wear when you want all the attention to be on you.


Cute Satchels

Perfect bags are coming our way — satchels seen from Michael Kors and Christian Siriano blew us away with their elegant simplicity, and we think this is definitely one of the winning trends for the next year. Any woman can benefit having a gorgeous classic satchel in her closet because this accessory can be matched to pretty much any outfit. Whether you need it for work or a brunch with your girlfriends, it’s a versatile item that will complement your garments well.


Folk Element

Rather than homespun, folk details and elements in clothing is now inviting an artisanal vibe that can look really charming on the wearer. Crochet sweaters, woven dresses, and macramé-like details worked into light blouses, it all looks so skillfully crafted and unique. It’s a very romantic, boho kind of look, so if you like the seventies vibe or simply want to look pretty and delicate, this is exactly the trend to turn to.



This is something for our bold, exuberant divas who love being the center of attention. Want drama? Want partywear? Then go for fringe. Outfits that are monochrome in color and have all their visual interest in the texture are going to be the next season’s hot new thing, so if you’re looking to make a statement this is what you should pick. We recommend that you try dresses that swish and sway when you walk – they’ll be the perfect thing to wear when you’re out in the club, dancing the night away. Pick very minimal jewelry to accessorize this, and make sure your shoes are simple so you wouldn’t overwhelm the outfit.


Mismatched Prints

Dolce & Gabbana, Versace, Balenciaga, and Louis Vuitton — the designers are no longer scared to match two different prints together. This trend has been around for a while now, and people are fully embracing the loud, joyful colorfulness of it. It requires good taste in fashion and finding that perfect balance between stylish and overbearing, so we recommend that you start with something simple: a striped shirt and a leopard print skirt. Try not to mix more than two different prints together, and practice putting together outfits in your mirror before going out.


Bow Accessories

Bows are turning supersize on Valentino and Celine runways, but if you’re not all that eager to wear something that big on your outfits, there’s no reason you can’t take a more minimalistic approach. Use bows as hair accessories for an easy, trendy look, or practice tying your silk scarves into a perfect bow that looks totally chic and elegant.


Have fun picking your favorite trends! This is merely an intro for a fashionista who longs to get a peek at what 2019 has to bring, so make sure to shop for some cute new items and put some creative looks together.

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