Fashion You Can Feel Good About

We’ve all heard the phrase, ‘dress to impress’. However, it’s not just about impressing others; it’s about impressing ourselves. Our clothes make the statement of who we are and how we feel during our day. How we portray ourselves in our clothes gives the world a glimpse of who we are inside. Clothing that fits well and looks good on us creates more positive energy in our spirit. 

We want to look our best and feel amazing with it! Regardless of your plans for the day or night, you deserve to show off your style with pride! The clothes we wear hold an essential role in helping us feel confident and spectacular when we walk out the door. Dress to impress yourself and others with these simple fashion ideas.

Tips to Dress for the Occasion

Everyday Outings

A day of errands or bumming around may not sound like the most dressy day of the week, but you can easily doll up for a great afternoon out. Blue jean jackets are an excellent go-to for these days. Yeah, it’s a 90’s trendy look, but it has yet to lose its style. In addition to the denim jacket, wear a white t-shirt and some Converse shoes to make it easy, comfortable, and classic.  

Go a step further and glam up your look more with a pair of trendy sunglasses and a necklace. You’ll enjoy your whole day out breezing through shops and checking things off the list.  

Stride into the Office

When it comes to the office, you want your style to show how you feel and what you’re worth in the company. Pick up a fashion blazer to share a strong, confident look with your office team. Match your blazer with a solid-colored sleeveless shirt and a wristwatch. 

The best part of the blazer and sleeveless combination is that you’ll be ready for any weather that comes during the day. If it’s cool, keep your blazer on, and if it’s warm outside, take it off and enjoy your sleeveless look.   

Don’t be shy to splurge on a pair of pointed high-heels and a stylish purse! Allow yourself to enjoy your work ensemble and feel poised and assertive when you walk through the office door.

Adventure with Casual 

A casual day with friends at lunch or the ballpark is always full of adventure. Feel ready for anything in denim jeans and a trendy button-down blouse shirt. Add something extra to your style by wearing your shirt with a French tuck look by tucking in the front. 

To go along with your casual wear, make a statement with a seasonal hat and pair of knee-high rain boots. Your day with friends will be more exciting as you enjoy your fabulous and fashionable attire. 

Shine Through the Night Streets

A night on the town can be fun but finding the right outfit that you feel good in makes it all the more exciting. Style your perfect look for the night with an A-line dress and pump heels. It’s simple but classy!

Don’t know what color to choose for your dress? No worries! Bright colors are always a good choice. If you’re looking for a pattern, look for either leopard or floral. As always, black is the one option that never fades out of style. 

Add some classic jewelry and a jazzy purse to your look, and you’ll be ready to go! Your night just got a little more exciting!

Feel You on the Outside

You deserve to feel bold in every outfit you wear. Regardless of where you go and whom you see, use these fashion trends to make the most of your casual day, office day, time with friends, or night out. Share a look that shows you’re happy with who you are and what you wear.

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