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Feather earrings have been pretty popular for a while now and although I liked them. sort of, I haven’t been really interested in the new-hippie, boho-chic thing and the browns greens and other neutral tones the feathers come in. Why don’t they use parrot or other brightly colored feathers? Well one reason is because they don’t always acquire the feathers by friendly means and there aren’t any parrot farms to raid the nests of.

Although the majority of feather products, headbands, earrings, pins, whatever, are in a boho/hippie style I finally found, during my trip to Mexico, several pairs of earrings that are not along those lines. They dont really run with a style per say, but if I had to make one up id say southwestern punk or culturally aware mexipunk. Only because I associate feathers with my childhood living on reservations in Arizona and my parents owning a southwest/ american indian art store. In reality the feathers from the britghers sets of my earrings are from chickens and the others are probably from a dove – no hawk feathers here. The company who uses chicken feathers, dyed of course, claims to have gotten them by peaceful means while I have no idea about the dove’s; though what do people use doves for besides pets? Either way, feathers generally creep me out but having them in crazy neon colors has proved to be an awesome addition to my outfits lately. I bought black, pink and turquoise in the dove style and well, neons in the others.

I only really mention what they are made of to point out how simple they are to make and why they should NOT cost up to $90 like some designers are asking. Shame on them. That much for feathers? really? do you have to buy a peacock for every pair? doubtful.. it’s FEATHERS!!! Anyway. Here are the photos of my finds!

by negro disaster (mexico)
by negro disaster (mexico)
By Aysha (Mexico)
By Aysha (Mexico)


4 thoughts on “Feather Earrings

  1. U shouldn’t even be allowed to use FEATHERS as a self-deco! I mean, it’s part of an animal. How much do you think your skin would cost on the market??? think about it. Shame on you..u were raised on reservations for crist sake..

  2. You should probably read the article. I specifically said that the feathers were gotten by peaceful means – meaning they picked them out of the nests you ass. And people dont kill doves for feathers so those are from nests as well. Plus what does living on reservations have anything to do with it? You want to talk about hides, feathers, meat and skulls? go to a reservation and find out for yourself. Did you think indians are all tree hugging vegetarians? Im a vegetarian but Im not an anal retentive militant. If a company got the feathers recycled or from a nest of egg laying chickens – there is nothing to complain about. Im sure you have plenty of things made out of animals in your house- products that weren’t made so peacefully as pulling feathers from a nest.

  3. also. you should write every leather shoe maker, blogger who wrote about leather shoes and every friend you know who has leather shoes and try that same horrible argument. its a winner.

  4. Hi Katya,

    If you’re still interested in feather earrings, stannard-inc in Sydney has some pretty beautiful examples…



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