FeetmanSeoul: Korean Street Fashion has a name

One of the oldest posters to out Flickr group is long overdue a handshake.. or a pat on the back.. or a hardy wink and double thumbs up, and nows the time!

IMG_7174 copy
Feetmanseoul on Flickr.com

FeetManSeoul has been around since the beginning, posting everything from Korean fashion events, street fashion and even hair styles from Seoul. The photos are professional, the subjects are amazing and the variety in the group is over 10 pages long and counting. I have to say,.. to have such a collection is a true accomplishment in the street fashion photography world and in defense of the worldliness of Street Fashion Worldwide (that’s us), we want to make sure everyone looks a little further than the western world.. at least some of the time. It’s so easy to miss whats going on in places where you’re not.

Spend some time checking out Feetmanseoul on Flickr and their blog, Feetmanseoul.com and let them know what you think!

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