Designer of the Week: Feuer Wear Bags & Accessories

Creative eco-fashion always catches our eye and gets us thinking about the future of fashion. Around the world new ideas are popping up for creatively recycling things mankind tosses aside on a daily basis. Not only can it be a cheaper alternative to making or purchasing new materials, but it’s without question better for the planet and peace of mind.

Feuer Wear Fire HosesFeuer Wear (Feuer meaning Fire in German) is one such creative idea, making bags and accessories out of used firefighting hose. Durable and reliably constructed by nature the hoses prove to be perfect for Feuer Wear’s stylistic and functional designs. Their messenger bags, wallets, shopping bags and laptop bags feature all the qualities native to the fire hoses, including their rugged, worn out look.

“For a long time we looked for a material that would stand up to our high standards of durability and longevity. After experimenting with canvas, truck tarps and even jute bags, we ultimately decided on used firefighting hose. This material was ideal: thanks to the high-tensile polyester yarn and synthetic rubber lining, it is extremely tough and durable … read more..”

I own the Carl Messenger Bag in red with a black interior. The waterproof side of the bag is in the main compartment where you’ll find several smaller and one large pocket for things like pens, a smart phone etc and a loop and hook for keys. Additionally, a zipper pocket is tucked neatly under the front flap and is large enough for a Kindle or paperback book. The main compartment area has been especially awesome for me, as the perfect place to keep my camera and lenses while out and about.

Feuer Wear BagsOne of the best things about my bag and most of Feuer Wear’s selection is that it’s completely unisex. There aren’t many times I can ask my boyfriend to carry my bag for me and not get an uncomfortable look in return, but with my Carl, I usually have to ask for my bag back.

The bag has proven to be especially awesome this winter, taking it on hikes and around town, it protects my cameras from both the freezing weather and the hordes of tourists in the area who bump into you on the sidewalks and in the shops unyieldingly.

The style of the bag goes great with my winter wardrobe and will prove to be a useful accessory in the spring and summer when I’m riding my bike everywhere. A tough and rugged messenger bag for my photo trips is exactly what I’ve been looking for for years.

Most of all, I love the idea that my bag was once something important and useful. Like I’m adopting a retired life saver. The printed text and years of wear that come with having been a used firehose give my bag personality, a story and overall, is just a cool thing to own. And nothing about the age or history of the hose itself makes the bags any less brand new or quality made.

Feuer Wear Carl Bag
Me falling leg deep in some snow.

Some of the other bags I totally want from their website include:

Feuer Dan Deluxe Shopper
Feuer Dan Deluxe Shopper
Mitch mobile case
Mitch mobile case
Scott 17" Laptop Bag
Scott 17" Laptop Bag


Feuer Wear

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