Finals week~

I really wish I had more time to post but I’m consistently overwhelmed by homework and actual paying work. I could really use some help! Any of you writers out there have a scene, style or art form you’d like blog about let me know! Till then, you’ll just have to wait till Finals are over, then I’ll be on the road taking pictures around the west coast so keep an eye out!

Here’s a recap of my week outside the house and away from homework!

Went to a show at the Goodfoot in Portland

Went Graffiti hunting, a challenging thing in Portland

Hidden Art Stereo

Did an Edith Keeler t-shirt photoshoot

man on the run

Eating contest at Voodoo Doughnut

Voodoo Donut eating contest

Saw the Pinehurst Kids at the Ash Street Saloon, a band I used to be friends with back in “the day”

Pinehurst Kids

More Graffiti hunting!

the world will end in 2012

Wish me luck on my finals!!! (please)

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