Oprah’s Fluxus Nomad Scarf and Potentially My Neck.

Fluxus Nomad Scarf

Like 5 of my friends just bought the Fluxus Nomad Scarf!, I’ve been looking for one for a month now, and much to my surprise what really tipped them off on a great one was (while they sat around the house today, and I was working) they saw the think on Oprah as some of the best buys and styles for 2011.
Now I’m not a fan of Oprah. I haven’t seen her on TV since I was a little kid and she was much bustier and more horribly dressed but apparently she has some sound style advice from time to time. I won’t however be watching her show or anything.

The scarf rocks regardless. It’s huge, soft and made of some super tight weave cotton, like those Egyptian cotton sheets your mom keeps telling you to get but you cant afford. I hang mine on my chair so everyone can see it and wear it in all kinds of weather, from chilly to cold and when summer comes back my way, I’ll be over half my body at the beach, or balcony, depending on what country I’m in by then.
Fluxus Nomad Scarf

Just thought I’d share since I’ll probably get sucked into it as well. It looks like exactly what I’m looking for. I can wear it over my head walking around town and… geh, as I type this they’re selling out!
I found a place that stocked up goodly though. See ya!

Seen on Oprah’s 2011 Must-Have Items, the Fluxus Nomad Scarf!

One thought on “Oprah’s Fluxus Nomad Scarf and Potentially My Neck.

  1. These scarves are gorgeous, they are coming out with new colors for the fall 2011 season that are very bold. My personal favorite is the black since it goes with anything, very soft and goes with anything, can be worn on a plane as a blanket as well! http://www.anytimescarf.com

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