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I first heard about Flying Mouse (artist Hon Lam) when I bought a t-shirt with his design on it from about a year ago. Since then, he has started his own website and has partaken in a project most designers would call impossible. “The FM 365 Store is the result of Flying Mouse’s (Hon Lam) Project of doing one design per day for a whole year! Every week there will be 7 new products available! These 7 new products will be available for a quick pre-sale at a lower price for the entire week and once the week ends there will be 7 newer products to replace them and so on. These designs are printed on super-soft American Apparel tees so you can wear your favorite Flying Mouse designs in comfort everywhere you go!”

Hon Lam has won numerous awards such as 3 Threadless Bestees for “Most Printed Designer 2007”, “Newcomer Of The Year 2007”, and “Best Concept For A Design 2007“, making him more than the average Hon.

His website features a constant stream of clever and beautiful designs, backgrounds for your desktop and an archive of past designs.

His latest series of 7 has some great designs but you’ll have to check them out here. By the time you read this some of you may have missed the ones from this week! I’ll show you my favorites anyway but get on over to his site and sigh up for his newsletter to be kept updated on his limited time sales!


Also make sure to check out his blog which can be found on the Flying Mouse homepage!

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