Follicle Fashion: How To Keep Trendy Hair Healthy

With over 96% of US fashion brands using Instagram as their shop window and constant social media streams to follow, it’s easy to keep on trend. You may, of course, prefer to carve out your own style, and if that’s your thing, go for it!  The great thing about clothes is the way you can change up a look relatively cheaply and easily.  But what about hair?  How can you stay on trend without spending hours each day or a fortune in the salon?  And how can you keep it stylish and healthy while you have fun with it?

First things first

Before you start work on styling, think about how you can nourish your hair from within. Foods that are rich in protein, Omega 3 and iron (for example eggs, oily fish and leafy green vegetables) are important for strong healthy hair. Don’t forget your vitamins – did you know that most Americans are lacking in Vitamin D?  Read up on nutritional advice for healthy hair and try to drink plenty of water to keep it hydrated and frizz-free.  A balanced approach to your diet will not only benefit your hair, but your body will thank you for it too.

Cut the drama

One simple solution for a fashion fix is a statement cut.  From a sharp geometric bob to a pixie crop, your hair can be a headline grabber as much as your clothes. A dramatic cut can lift you out of a style rut and back into fashion in the snip of some scissors.  It’s also a great way to take care of split ends or very damaged hair.  However, it’s not for the faint-hearted!

Play with color

Hair coloring is big business as it’s a quick and easy way to change your look, without having to risk a big cut or spend time styling every day.  However, it’s also a process which can be damaging to hair, so be mindful of how often you are coloring, and what products you use. Use specialist shampoos and conditioning treatments to help it to recover and stay glossy.

Get creative

You can keep hair fashionable just by getting creative with styling; dramatic slicked back ponytails one week, boho braids the next.  These may take a little time at first – you could practice using online tutorials – but you’ll soon be plaiting like a pro. Similarly switching between curls, waves and straighter locks can keep things fresh.  Use conditioning finishing products to protect your hair and keep it smooth.

By keeping your hair healthy and nourished, you can get on with the most important thing: having fun with it!  From wild curls to poker straight bobs; no-one else has exactly the same ‘do’ as you.  So smile!  It’s the ultimate accessory.

Photo by Kareya Saleh on Unsplash

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