Format change? dunnys? dresses?!

I made a twitter a couple weeks ago but didnt think of adding it to this blog so all of you can see what Im up to, but now i have! Take a look, updates are on the sidebar towards the top or you can add me directly at // . I know I havent been much of a personality in this blog, Ive been trying to keep it fairly unbias and community based but since thats not going particularly well, as no one comments on anything I post but lots of people read it. This blog is now all about what I like and the occasional post about my style and interests!

This will now have for your viewing pleasure:

  • More interivews from designers I like
  • A weekly “Fashion Feelings” blog
  • Images from the flickr group that I like,
  • More of me writing about my opinion, clothes I’ve bought and sell
  • Writing about the local scene here in Portland more. I may not want to live here but I do, and im here, and even though this is intended to be an international blog, I gotta write about what I know right?

Newly acquired awesomeness? I went to goodwill the other day and got 3 dressed and an awesome belt so I’ll be posting some photos soon, as opposed to my blog on taking street-fashion photos, I don’t really have a good place to take photos of myself but Ill find one today, I swear.

Other awesomeness? New Dunnys (by Kidrobot)! Not everyone may know what they are but I love them. I went to a dunny release party last night at Missing Link and got myself one more from the French series and two from the new “Ye Old English Dunny” series.   A note on my obsession with the little guys, I’m also releasing some notebooks with two sided covers featuring photos I took of my favorite dunnys, as soon as I finish binding them. Yes Im a nerd, get used to it and check back, they’ll be out soon!

So here’s my newest ones, they’re no “ever popular” Blythe dolls (which I find creepy) but they are awesome as hell. Plus Kidrobot makes some of the coolest ass clothes, check out what we have in mens Kidrobot (trying to get womens soon!).

French Dunny
French Dunny
Ye Old English Dunny
Ye Old English Dunny

I’m working myself to death today between work and homework I’ll be done around 2am but I might get a chance to take shots of my new dresses, cross your fingers for me, Ill need a break.

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