French brand putting the ‘Va Va Voom’ into winter knits

So far this autumn we have managed to escape the brutal weather that, as brits, we know all too

The french brand Oxbow has a surf heritage dating way back to 1985. Classic surfers such as the legendary Laird Hamilton have been the back bone to the brands image and subsequently the mens fashion collection has been featured all over the world. However, recently the ladies collection has stepped up to the plate with this winter range being all about lush winter knits.well we can get. Never the less let’s not be complacent and instead arm ourselves with the right clothing that keeps us warm and looking great!

So why Oxbow knits over others? Great question! They seem to have injected a certain element of modest ‘cuteness’ into their range. Their knits aren’t trying too hard – they are understated, high quality knits and this simplicity is what makes them beautiful.

This season there are some tops that standout from the rest. Check out the Mieri Zip hoody. The lining inside is so soft you’ll never want to take it off.

oxbow mieri zip hoody
Oxbow Mieri Zip Hoody

As well as this little number the Oxbow Macao has been an outstanding favourite. Again, it boasts that classic knit with the French influence.


oxbow macao jumper
Oxbow Macao Jumper

Another favourite is the Mayer. The colour way is right on trend, with a super cute neck.

Oxbow Mayer Jumper
Oxbow Mayer Jumper

To find out a little more about the Oxbow knit range we spoke to Murray Saunders who represents Oxbow in the UK. He commented that ‘The Women’s collection really has impressed retailers this winter. Orders were up by 30% from last season with Knits being the real success story.”

As well as this we spoke to Boylo’s ladies buyer Ellie who commented ‘customers seem to love the Oxbow knits. Whether this is the quality or the brand something seems to really click and that’s perfect for us as a retailer.’

So when it comes to knits Oxbow Clothing certainly seems to be putting a strong range on the table. We think Oxbow literally has the ‘je ne sais quoi’ when it comes down to the knits.

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