Galibardy: Brass Meets Unbeatable

Galibardy is the designer of the week for oh so many reasons. One, It’s the hottest week of the year and who wants to talk about wearing more clothes at the moment?
Two, they are the most original jewelry company I have seen in several years and three, they cover more ground and will put smiles on more faces than most designers can dream of.
They work with brass and enamel, making some of the coolest, cutest and smoothest molds on the market to please everyone from your favorite DJ to your Harajuku obsessed little sister.Cupcakes, airplanes, skulls, polaroid cameras and tons more – Galibardy manages to have a vast variety of designs without coming across as a manufacturer but rather a skilled art producer, showing off their talent in a “look what I can do! Oh that? you think I cant do that? Loookathis! Wapaaahh!!” way. Im excited you can see.
On top of the fascinating array of designs, quality is also a factor. After receiving a pair of Rock and Roll Teeth of my own, chomping jaw and all, I will say that quality is not a worry with this company. The jaw of the Rock and Roll teeth features self contained hinges, meaning no loose pins to fall out, and being made of brass theyre built to last a million chomps, clacks and finger bites. The chain is also strong, I’m assuming made of brass as well, because of its strength it can be thin and wont break which I like. It seems the only option for stronger chains is big clunky, cheap, silver ones.   I mention quality so much because I’m a fairly clumsy person with jewelry. Im always active with my hands and getting neclaces cought on things or scrapping them on things. Something can last 50 years, a beautiful piece of antique jewelry, and I’ll break it in a week. It makes me avoid some jewelry altogether. My ideal jewelry is sturdy metals with no fake coating, gold platted etc that can rub off and look worse, and things made of tough plastic. With necklaces especially, I break nearly any chain in a week if it’s not tough enough and this one held up to the test.

Check out some of my favorite designs from their collection and take a look at their website. On top of having so many choices and sturdy,   long lasting   quality, they are also extremely affordable. Ranging from about $12 to $40 US (the site shows UK prices) they are in most anyone price range and worth every dime. Plus they ship internationally in about 4 to 5 days. Beat that!



p.s. They also sell wholesale for all those shops out there. Designs to please any clientele.

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