Gelada Studio: Talkin’ About My Generation

I recently came across a clothing company that drew my eyes to their tees like a moth to a lamp, but with a much better outcome. I know that sounds a little strange but since travel is basically my way of life, a clothing company who celebrates travel is perfect. Me any my boyfriend have been on the road for 2 years this October and before that I’ve traveled as much as humanly possible, as some of my readers know.
When I heard about Gelada Studio and saw pics from their latest line, I fell in love with their idea. A fictitious airline Gelada Air and collection of souvenir tourist tees from places around the globe, tees that anyone can have a just as fictitious excuse to own.
In a fit of “I wan’t that, I’ve been there” and “I can’t wear that till I go there!” I thumbed through the images…I decided I too can take Gelada Air to these destinations and wear whatever I please, showing true my desire to visit these places that I may or may not have visited already. Why do we limit ourselves on what we can wear just to avoid questions from strange hippies on the street of “oh dude, you went to japan?”? No “dude” I just have an awesome t-shirt (and so on).

We can wear what we like, and it’s about time a clothing company with a desire to give people some great clothes, is fair labor/fair trade, and states “We do not seek to become a large brand, just to keep on rocking & traveling, doing our thing, designing our journey & telling a story. If we can’t travel at times, at least our Tees do it for us… “, showed us that we aren’t stuck anywhere as long as we have our imagination and some hot threads.

Gelada Studios is a step in a new direction of breaking down the barriers that keep us from being free, mentally and fashionably. Pour yourself a cold one, this plane is taking off!

Gelada Studios, Talkin' about my generation

Gelada Air, Talkin' About our Generation

Gelada Studio: Talkin' About my Generation

Shop Gelada Air here: //
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Photography: Ella Uzan


The blond girl – Adi Ulmansky – singer/ producer Lorena B
the banjo player  -Uzi Ramirez – Guitar Picker
The “pretty boy” – Ofer Ruthenberg – Actor

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