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If you Love blogs as much as I do and you think the world needs to know about the ones you love or write, a great place to collect, read and display them is at GenJuice.

I’m new to the site and so far love it! For me it’s been like a social media site for blogs – a place where people can share their interests and support for other bloggers or blogs they love, without all the drama and “look at me” of Twitter and Facebook. In GenJuice, You add your selection of favorite blogs (including your own if you have them) and submit as many as you like to the universal collection of awesome blogs.*see gallery images at bottom for more screenshots

One of my favorite parts is the ability to favorite specific blog posts, share them on Facebook, Google Plus or Twitter, and get a list of related blogs to check out – keeping my mind open to blogs and things I’ve never heard of before while staying in the same genre of blogs (usually style blogs for me).

GenJuice: favorite blogs

GenJuice Friend FeedOn the home page you get a list of suggested blogs and a box reserved for your friend feed where you can see what your friends are reading or recommend. Likewise, on your profile, people can get the run down on what you like and read – and add you to their friend feed as well.

A personal Feed Page has a grid of your favorite blogs for easy click and read, letting you stay up to date on the things you love with great icons and text – easy navigation and slick simple design.

GenJuice is a great place for CoolHunters, trend setters and those who want to stay ‘in the know’ and their new design definitely reflects that. When you want some suggestions, the homepage of the site has an ever growing list of great blogs in the genres of fashion, music, technology, travel, modern life and more – something for everyone!

GenJuice is currently handing out Beta memberships at the moment so we get a chance to be some of the first on the site! Just visit the site, fill in your email and wait for an invite, after that it’s a simple single sign-on with a Facebook connect button and you’re good to go!

I Hope you enjoy it as much as I do!


When you get your invite, add me! (//

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