Get ‘Insidr’ Advice on Your Next European Vacation

Planning your next vacation can be daunting.  Coming up with the funds being a big part of why people don’t leave home as often as they should. Whenever we travel we rent out our house as a vacation rental and hire an Airbnb cleaning service to handle the work while we’re gone. Our next trip to Europe should be a cinch!

It’s always such a delight whenever I come across other authors that share the same passions I have. I recently got the chance to meet the guys from Insidr. They have all sorts of cool tips for travelling around Europe! I made a small selection of the best articles I found on their website that I think would be useful to you guys as well. I’ve linked them all here to make it easy, but you should definitely check out their content whenever you get the chance!

Ahh Paris! The city of lights, history and romance! Such a beautiful place especially when you’re lucky enough to see it from a Parisian rooftop ! But also so easy to get lost in all the information available online, even for seasoned travelers. At Insidr I came across these interesting articles that are totally worthy reading! I’m someone who makes it to a point to buy souvenirs gifts during my travels, and I found their notes on where to buy typically French gifts and where to find beauty, skincare, and cosmetics products to be really helpful! And of course, FOOD! I was salivating upon reading their articles on delicious street food in Paris along with a solid selection of parisian coffee shops. And if you’re into French wine, they’ve got that covered by introducing places to go for wine tasting in Paris, too.

To me, France is probably one of the most beautiful countries in the world. Of course nothing compares to Paris but the country is even more beautiful beyond the capital. And I’m not just talking about taking a day trip to Versailles. With a perfect mix of nature, heritage, culinary delights, and culture, I could never recommend you enough to experience what the other towns have to offer. I think the articles at Insidr are the perfect guide to these hidden treasures! For those who are into history, you cannot miss the D-Day Beaches as well as the Mont Saint Michel area in the northern part of the country. And while you’re in the area, don’t forget to hit some of France’s quaint and charming towns like Dinan, Cancale, Bayeux, Etretat, Honfleur, Deauville and Saint Malo. And don’t leave Paris before visiting Giverny to marvel at Monet’s house and garden.

Insidr recently released their new detailed recommendations and tips on Venice, the gem of Northern Italy. You’ll find a lot of detailed and updated information on several famous sights, including Piazza San Marco, Grand Canal, or Lido. The basics are covered as well, with what to eat, where to stay, and what to do  while visiting beautiful Venice. Detailed transportation info (including canal navigation!) is also included.

Probably since the 2012 Olympics, the popularity of London as a tourist destination has seemingly skyrocketed. Along that, the number of sources for information has gone up, too. I’m not really one who likes bouncing between websites to gather all my information which is why I really appreciate the work that Insidr does. They not only suggest travel itineraries for London that include lists of where to stay and what to eat, they also talk about the best bars in the city, too! I also like that Insidr was thoughtful enough to come up with a guide to the public transportation in London. I think taking trains or buses in cities acquaint you with a place faster! And speaking of taking trains, it was interesting to read their suggestions for taking day trips outside of London!

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