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How to Buy Perfume for the Women in Your Life

Whether she’s your wife, partner, daughter or mother, the women in your life do so much to make it special, so isn’t it right that you show them some love too on special occasions such as birthdays and anniversaries? There’s one gift that will never disappoint, and that’s a beautiful bottle of perfume, and there are perfume brands and bottle sizes to suit all budgets. To make it a truly special present, however, you need to…

Rabbits and Hares Tee
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SF Gift Guide #5: Gifts for Your Vegan Friends

Here comes yet another in a long line of gift guides this season. We plan to keep em comin’, and strong! Today, we address finding gifts for our vegan friends. I’m a vegan, and I basically just have to go off what I would like. How convenient right? Not really.  Honestly, I don’t go around wearing it on my sleeve but I don’t hide it either, and vegans can be quite different from each other, on both…

Pizza Knit Sweater
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SF Gift Guide #4: The Couch Surfer

Everybody loves Netflix, but some of us just love it a little more than others. Especially in the winter, there’s always that person who loves to just hibernate indoors and watch movies and binge on Orange is the New Black (me for one). This person can be comfy lazy, classy lazy, pizza lazy, or a number of other levels of lounge lizard and when you see this list of items I found, you’ll probably know which kind of…

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SF Gift Guide #3: Workout Junkies, Yoga Nuts, and Ronda Rousy Fans

I’m not a HUGE workout fan but I do love Ronda Rousy and I know more Yoga fanatics and workout junkies than I can throw a book at (is that how that saying goes?). I’ve had to buckle down and get real with the kinds of gifts I get my health fanatic friends and rather than try and figure them out on some deeper level, or get them really meaningful and important gifts, I’ve realized, that’s…

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SF Gift Guide #2: Cat People Unite

“If you don’t like cats..I…I don’t even know you anymore man.” Cats are amazing and you probably know someone who agrees. I would literally vote for a cat for president if given a chance – everyone would have a cat in their laps at all times, our jobs would start to lean towards cat brushing and toy throwing, and everything would be soft. Ok.. I’m getting off course here. What I really want to say is…

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SF Gift Guide #1: The Force Awakens, My Stylish Inner Nerd

Are you a nerd or know a nerd who needs some sweet digs they will never tire of? How about focusing on their hobbies and interest and keeping it simple! I think the most thoughtful gifts are not the ones you tried to pick a person apart to guess, but ones you know they’ll enjoy on a childhood glee level. What makes them smile? What makes them excited? Sure, everyone wants an new iPad but everyone…