Gift Ideas for the Fashion Obsessed

Finding the right gift (much less the perfect one) for your fashion-obsessed friend can be a difficult task. Most fashionistas already have all the clothes that are worth having and you don’t want to accidentally gift them something they already own. While trying to find a brand new fashion piece for their wardrobe is still fair game, there are plenty of other incredibly interesting and super stylish items to choose from for your fashion-obsessed friend. Here is a list of wonderful gift ideas you may not have thought of yet.


Headphones don’t just serve the purpose of letting us listen to music on our morning commute, they can also be an important part of an outfit, just like a purse. Find your fashionista friend some stylish headphones with leather details that would pair well with her work outfits.

Fancy Candle

There are plenty of fancy and fashionable candles out there that not only look stylish but could also make any room smell like a luxury hotel. All you have to do is figure out which scent goes best with your fashion-obsessed friend’s personality.

Designer umbrella

A rainy day is no reason to hide a great outfit. Get your friend a designer umbrella that will make them want to leave the house even during the gloomiest of days. Kate Spade has a great clear umbrella in her collection that not only looks stylish but also helps to show off a fabulous outfit.

A personal piece

Photo by Amanda Vick on Unsplash

If you want to be sure that you are getting your friend something new for their wardrobe, then go for personalised clothing and accessories. Choose a base (anything from a plain white T-shirt to a tote bag) and then have your friend’s initials put on it as a stylish and personal detail. In most cases, a white t-shirt is the best choice for a base as it can be combined with practically any other fashionable item your friend might own.

Colouring book for adults

Colouring books for adults are no longer the brand new thing in stores and most of them tend to be filled with abstract shapes designed to relieve stress. However, you can get more creative than that and surprise your friend with a colouring book that was inspired by fashion – featuring designer outfits and patterns for the creative fashionista to colour in their own way.

Luxe nail lacquers

If you can’t exactly afford to buy your friend new Louboutins, you can opt for the more affordable option by getting them designer nail polish by Christian Louboutin. It will satisfy the fashionista in them while painting their nails that same infamous luxurious red that the soles of Louboutins feature.

Travel essentials

Traveling in style is a must for the fashion-obsessed and there are many ways to achieve this. Find your friend the perfect carry-on suitcase that is as stylish as it is practical to carry all her fashion essentials. If she already has the perfect luggage, then upgrade it by gifting her a stylish luggage tag with her initials on it or a fashionable leather passport holder that will make waiting in line at customs a bit more fun.

Pasta by Dolce & Gabbana

Italians know style and they know pasta, so they have decided to combine the two and create the incredibly fashionable hand-wrapped spaghetti by Dolce & Gabbana. It is completely affordable, delicious and the packaging alone is to die for! You can even combine it with the Missoni Family Cookbook where your friend can find dishes that are as vibrant and stylish as the designer brand.

Decorative blanket

Photo by DESIGNECOLOGIST on Unsplash

Find a decorative throw blanket for your fashion-obsessed friend so that even when they are “off-duty” and taking a nap, they will feel like a top model wrapped inside a designer piece. Extremely bold and bright colours are in right now, but whatever you choose to get them, just make sure that it goes well with their home decor which is already in place.

As you can see, there is a long list of stylish gift ideas out there. Hopefully, this will inspire you to go look further beyond fashionable outfits and try to find something even more unique for your fashion-obsessed friend.

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